10 best manufacturers of cast iron bathtubs

With the development of technology, cast iron baths are no longer the most demanded on the market. They were replaced by lighter acrylic models, as well as unique bowls made of natural and composite stone. However, the material tested over the years

has not completely lost its position. Today it is also in demand, and people buy it for several reasons:

  • good heat exchange and the ability to maintain the temperature of the water for a long time;
  • noiselessness when water falls from the tap;
  • the durability of the material itself and its coating;
  • monumentality during installation;
  • no deformation over time and with temperature changes.

Along with this, a number of disadvantages can be distinguished, such as high weight. A cast iron bathtub, even of a standard size, weighs more than a hundred kilograms, which causes some difficulties during installation and lifting to the floor. In any case, only natural stone can boast of the same positive characteristics, but bowls made of it are much more expensive, and installation requires skill.

Today, cast-iron baths are produced by almost all eminent brands, and each has its own characteristics and disadvantages. In order to clearly understand which product suits you best, we have selected the best options, which we present in our rating of manufacturers.

TOP 10 best manufacturers of cast iron bathtubs

10. Byon

Highest quality
Country: Sweden
Rating (2020): 4.3

There are legends about Swedish pedantry, it is interesting, but they have a real basis. No matter what the local firms undertake, the result is the best product with the highest quality. Cast iron baths are no exception. If you see the Byon logo, you can be sure it is the perfect bowl with all the benefits it can get.

The only drawback here is the price, but it is fully explained by the fact that the Byon manufacturer did not transfer its capacities to China or Asian countries. All products are manufactured exclusively in Sweden. According to the company, this is a guarantee of quality, and for consumers, in particular from Russia, it is a reason to raise prices. In addition to cast iron baths, the company produces a full range of sanitary ware, as well as accessories for bathrooms. Here you can order complete furnishings with concept development and delivery of goods. Unless, of course, you are ready to give that kind of money for it. And the amount, judging by the reviews, will be considerable.

9. Timo

Most versatile manufacturer
Country: Finland
Rating (2020): 4.4

Cast iron bathtub for the Timo brand is just a small page in the list of manufactured products. This is the most versatile manufacturer imaginable. He manufactures all plumbing fixtures, from small taps, adapters and other components to the most complex systems such as jacuzzi.

Any product of the company is of the highest quality. And despite the fact that the manufacturer is relatively young, that is, it does not have a century of experience behind its back, the approach to the work of Finnish managers allowed the company to quickly enter the market and become one of the leading manufacturers of sanitary ware.

True, Russia is not a key market for the company, so prices by local standards bite a little. Of course, the brand deserves your attention, but we note that even in our rating there are many companies that are not inferior to Timo in quality, but have more attractive, and most importantly, affordable prices for their products.

8. Aqualux

Best example of co-production
Country: Russia (made in China)
Rating (2020): 4.5

Many firms are relocating their manufacturing facilities to China in order to reduce the final cost of the product. But there are also completely different solutions and motivations, like the Aqualux company. This is a full-fledged co-production. Russia provides technologies that have been developed over many years of practice, while China provides production facilities and labor.

As a result, we, consumers, get a worthy product at the most attractive prices. A cast iron bathtub of this brand costs about 15 thousand rubles – and this is the best price tag on the market. The buyers have no complaints about the quality. At least judging by the reviews on specialized resources.

Today Aqualux is one of the most popular brands in Russia, producing a huge variety of products united by a brand. The company provides solutions that are quite budgetary, but with consistently high quality. Otherwise, the company would not be included in our rating.

7. Castalia

Budget baths from Italy
Country: Italy
Rating (2020): 4.5

Most often, if a cast iron bath is produced in Europe, and even more so in Italy, then its price will be simply enormous. These products have virtually no upper threshold, but there are always exceptions like Castalia. An Italian company that manufactures its products exclusively within the country and exports it, including to Russia. At the same time, she manages to maintain the adequacy of the price tag.

This is not to say that this is a budget solution. The cost of a bowl starts at about 20 thousand rubles, but even Russian manufacturers deviate little from such a price tag.

In terms of uniqueness, Castalia baths do not differ. The products are aimed at a wide consumer market. You will not find exclusive solutions in her arsenal. You won’t be able to order a cup from your own design.

But for your money, you get a completely high-quality product, which is much praised in reviews on various forums and specialized sites.

6. Goldman

The most high-tech plumbing
Country: Russia
Rating (2020): 4.6

Most plumbing manufacturers are versatile. In their arsenal there are whole lists of products, and cast iron baths are just one of the directions. The Russian brand Goldman differs from them, as it produces exclusively bowls from pure cast iron. Throughout its history, the company has managed to achieve significant results, thanks to which it receives a lot of positive feedback from customers.

A unique feature is the fact that the company produces not only standard bowls, but also exclusive products according to customer drawings. Moreover, unlike most of these brands, the final price tag is not shocking.

Yes, it is difficult to call the products budgetary, but given that the main sales market is Russia, the company tries to closely monitor the pricing and not go beyond the adequacy. As is often the case with European brands that are widely represented in the local market. By the way, the company exports baths abroad.

5. Wotte

Premium brand of a popular manufacturer
Country: Russia
Rating (2020): 4.7

The most popular Russian manufacturer Universal produces not only budget cast-iron bathtubs, but also elite products. The Wotte brand, despite its linguistic peculiarity, is completely Russian and is a subsidiary of Universal. Unlike the flagship brand, which produces exclusively budget products, here you will find exclusive products and sanitary ware with increased technical characteristics.

Yes, a cast-iron bathtub will remain so, but, for example, Wotte makes heated bowls or full-fledged Jacuzzis. Another difference from the main company is the warranty.

The company gives a 25-year warranty for all manufactured products. She promises to replace any damaged product completely free of charge if it fails due to the manufacturer’s fault. True, for almost half a century of the company’s history, there have not yet been such reviews.

4. Maroni

Affordable prices
Country: Italy (made in China)
Rating (2020): 4.7

It so happened that Italian products are considered the standard of excellence in the world, including in Russia. This is often the case, but there are brands that do not shock with their prices, and Maroni is one of them.

The manufacturer is very old, with almost a century of history behind it. At some point, he realized that he was losing his audience, losing in the competition to more nimble companies, and made a historic decision – to move factories to countries with more favorable economic conditions.

Today, cast iron Maroni bathtubs delight buyers with their prices, but it should be understood that despite the Italian origin, they are produced exclusively in China. There is nothing wrong with this, and the company itself does not hide this fact.

In addition, according to the assurances of the company’s representatives, at all stages of production, strict control over production standards is carried out. Judging by customer reviews, this is how it is. You are unlikely to find complaints about the quality of the products.

3. Wagon

Best Russian brand
Country: Russia
Rating (2020): 4.8

The Russian manufacturer Universal is the oldest in the country. Before him, cast-iron baths were also produced, but it was the Universal that became the first plant opened on a state basis.

The tasks were quite clear – to release a product that meets all the requirements and is very cheap. As always in the Soviet Union, although the task was difficult, it was completed in the shortest possible time. Already in 1961, the plant began producing sanitary ceramics and cast iron baths.

Production did not stop even during the difficult times of perestroika. Yes, today the company is private, not related to the state, but it has managed to maintain its main advantages.

The quality of the products has not dropped, and the prices are still pleasing to the buyers. Only the variety of collections leaves much to be desired, but recall that we are dealing with a budget manufacturer. He does not issue exclusives. Behind that, you should go to other brands.

2. Jacob delafon

Elite European manufacturer
Country: France
Rating (2020): 4.9

Before us is a manufacturer whose name has been known in the world for more than a hundred years. The first manufactory of the company was opened in France already in 1889. Since then, the company has been constantly developing, opening new production facilities, but retaining its main feature – the highest quality.

Originally a budget brand, Jacob delafon has grown over time into an elite giant, including cast iron bathtubs at very high prices. Yes, they are of high quality, reliable and, one might say, the best of their kind, but the price tag will certainly shock many.

But it is here that you can order a bowl according to your own design. It will take a long time to make.

Prices will rise several times, but you will receive a truly exclusive product that no one else is guaranteed to have. Interestingly, the firm has not yet moved from its homeland. All plumbing is manufactured in France, which also affects pricing.

1. Roca

The best ratio of price and quality
Country: Spain (produced in Russia)
Rating (2020): 4.9

It is difficult to say how popular the Roca brand is in its homeland, Spain, but in Russia it is one of the leading manufacturers of sanitary ceramics, including cast iron bathtubs.

The firm has been operating in Russia since 2004. Then the first plant in the Leningrad Region was opened, equipped with the most modern equipment. The stages of production are still closely monitored by representatives of the head office, which makes the company’s products of the highest quality.

At the same time, the presence of local production made it possible to significantly reduce the price of manufactured goods. Today Roca is a company that has managed to combine high quality and attractive prices. A rarity in today’s market. In addition, there is a whole set of certificates.

It is the products of this brand that are recommended to be placed in social institutions, which indicates its complete safety, documented by a number of authorities.

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