10 best router manufacturers

A good Wi-Fi router is a key element of a home network, and choosing the wrong one can significantly limit the bandwidth of the Internet channel provided by the provider. Dozens of brands are engaged in the release of these products, and only a few of them produce really high-quality Wi-Fi devices that can provide the best level of access to the network. We have selected the most reliable companies in our rating, whose products have been proven by time and numerous tests, and also receive many positive reviews from users.

TOP-10 of the best manufacturers of Wi-Fi routers

10. MikroTik

The best selection of corporate models
Country: Latvia (made in China)
Rating (2020): 4.3

One of the few successful European manufacturers of Wi-Fi routers. However, the main profit for this company comes from office models.

Accordingly, all devices of the MikroTik brand are characterized by a stable connection and a large coverage area, plus they receive a configuration system with many additional parameters that are usually not available in Wi-Fi routers for homes and apartments. At the same time, there is a significant drawback – the bulkiness of the structure and an unattractive appearance.

In Russia, the MikroTik CRS109-8G-1S-2HnD-IN model is in special demand, operating in the 2.4 GHz band, but offering communication stability over long distances, ease of setup, 8 LAN ports for switching, USB 2.0 Type A connector, SFP port, built-in flash memory 128 MB and two external antennas.

The reviews indicate the absence of lags during the connection, signal strength, stability in operation and a wide range of customization options.

9. D-link

A popular brand with a rich history
Country: Taiwan (made in China)
Rating (2020): 4.4

This company needs no introduction and has been known in Russia since the beginning of the Internet era. D-Link offers routers for every taste and color, but in recent years it has been losing ground in the market due to the decreased quality of hardware. On the other hand, it is still at a fairly high level, especially for the segment of budget devices, where D-Link shoots out due to a user-friendly interface and many original technical solutions, for example, a built-in torrent client with the ability to download directly to a USB flash drive.

D-link DIR-615 / T4 should be recognized as the best budget-level model from this manufacturer. The device received two external antennas and operates in the 2.4 GHz band with a maximum connection speed of 300 Mbps. The repeater and guest network modes are supported, there is a VPN and an impressive set of connection protection functions, there is a switch for 4 LAN ports, as well as support for the Yandex.DNS content filtering service.


High quality premium routers
Country: USA (made in China)
Rating (2020): 4.4

This American firm focuses primarily on premium devices, aiming for a high level of quality in everything: assembly, usability and signal stability.

Also, NETGEAR products are distinguished by intricate space design with original shapes that can decorate any interior of a house or apartment. Well, the most advanced models of Wi-Fi routers from the American manufacturer can also surprise you with an ultra-high connection speed, up to 7133 Mbps.

Among the best models of the brand, we note the NETGEAR R7800 with four detachable external antennas and a connection speed of up to 2533 Mbps.

Working in dual bands at the same time, this Wi-Fi router also offers 4 LAN ports for switching, two USB 3.0 Type A connectors, support for the file server option, the ability to connect via VPN, a wide range of connection security features, 128 MB of flash memory, built-in print server and convenient web interface.

7. Tenda

Top mid-range models
Country: China
Rating (2020): 4.5

A world-famous brand that appeared on our market relatively recently, but very quickly gaining popularity due to a good level of quality, functionality and attractive design. It offers routers of all price ranges, but more emphasis is placed on devices with an average price level, although the cheaper models are not inferior in quality. One of the main features of the manufacturer is the use of a quick and easy setup system with step-by-step information entry without the need to use a web interface.

Singling out a separate model, we note the Tenda AC15 router with an interesting scaly design and three external antennas, intended for use at home or in a small office. It has two operating ranges, a maximum connection speed of 1900 Mbps, WPA, WPA2 and WPS encryption, a 3-port LAN switch, a print server and support for repeater mode.

6. Xiaomi

Good balance of price and quality
Country: China
Rating (2020): 4.6

Chinese manufacturers are increasing their market presence every year, and the Xiaomi brand is among the leaders in terms of growth. Wi-Fi routers of this company are varied in price and capabilities, but all of them are united by fast-growing quality, reliability in operation and the company’s desire to actively introduce advanced technologies.

As a result, devices with an excellent balance of price and quality against the background of excellent functionality enter the market.

For example, the best budget router Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Router 4A with an average price below 2000 rubles offers two communication ranges, a maximum speed of 1167 Mbit / s, a switch for a pair of LAN ports, its own flash memory of 16 MB, an impressive set of security functions connections and an extremely convenient configuration system via the web interface.

In reviews, users praise this model for its ease of use, stylish appearance and powerful signal, suitable for both home and apartment.

5. Ubiquiti

Qualitative adaptation to Apple products
Country: USA (made in China)
Rating (2020): 4.7

An American manufacturer of Wi-Fi equipment with an impressive selection of premium devices. All Ubiquiti products are perfectly adapted to work with Apple gadgets, are distinguished by their stylish design, rich functionality, high speed and stability of connection, as well as reliable operation around the clock with a low probability of overheating.

Among the most popular models on the Russian market, the Ubiquiti Amplifi HD-R stands out, which has received an interesting cubic design with a round touch screen that simplifies operation and configuration.

This router supports speeds up to 1750 Mbps, has three built-in antennas, 4 LAN ports, one USB 2.0 Type A connector, support for the guest network option, and a well-designed web interface for more detailed configuration.


Highest level of burglary protection
Country: Taiwan (made in China)
Rating (2020): 4.7

The company is originally from Taiwan, known not only for the production of routers. Most of the products of this brand belong to the segment of mid-price and expensive devices, and even budget models are often more expensive than their competitors.

On the other hand, the ASUS logo on the case guarantees high quality and, more importantly, the best level of protection against hacking based on data from several independent studies.

Another interesting feature of the Taiwanese is the proprietary configuration interface, which greatly simplifies the process of preparing a Wi-Fi router for work.

Among affordable models, the ASUS RT-AC58U is especially popular in Russia, which is excellent for use in an apartment. This Wi-Fi router has four external antennas, operates in dual bands, supports VPN and a wide range of connection security features, and also has the ability to connect a 4G modem.

3. Huawei

Large selection of 4G / Wi-Fi models
Country: China
Rating (2020): 4.8

The Chinese brand Huawei does not need a special introduction, and every year it increasingly strengthens its position in the global electronics market, including Wi-Fi routers.

At the same time, this manufacturer focuses on universal models that can work not only as a classic Wi-Fi router, but also effectively interact with 4G USB modems. Another important property of Huawei products is the quality that grows every year at a very reasonable price.

Singling out the optimal model for an apartment and a country house, we note the Huawei B525 router, made in a non-standard but stylish case, hiding two integrated antennas.

The user will have support for 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi, a switch for 4 LAN ports, a full range of router options, two additional connectors for external antennas and a built-in print server.

2. Keenetic

The best dual band routers
Country: Taiwan (made in China)
Rating (2020): 4.8

Keenetic is a subsidiary of Zyxel, which has inherited the most popular line of routers for a house or apartment. It is one of the three best-selling brands of network equipment in the Russian market, offering very high-quality models with support for two bands – 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz.

Keenetic branded products are distinguished by the use of a large number of unique technological solutions, a high level of access protection and an extended factory warranty.

Among the most popular models of this manufacturer, we note the Keenetic City (KN-1511) Wi-Fi router with three antennas, which, at a very affordable price, provides excellent communication quality in a city apartment, received VPN support, built-in protection against hacker attacks, three LAN ports for PC connection and multi-streaming function.


The widest range
Country: China
Rating (2020): 4.9

TP-LINK is a leading Chinese manufacturer of network equipment with a fairly extensive lineup that can satisfy the needs of any wallet.

Moreover, in 2020 the routers of this brand are the best-selling in Russia, which additionally confirms their high quality, noted in numerous tests. Well, a large selection makes it easy to choose a model with optimal parameters for use both in an apartment and in a country house.

We especially note the TP-LINK TL-WR841N model – this Wi-Fi router took the first place in terms of sales in the first quarter of 2020 in a number of stores at once and has balanced characteristics at a very affordable price. Key features of the TL-WR841N are the option to work as a repeater and WISP access point, as well as high-quality adaptation to the simultaneous connection of multiple wireless devices.

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