10 best sanatoriums in Krasnodar region

How to plan your vacation so that it is not only enjoyable, but also useful? Of course, buy a ticket to the sanatorium. You can combine beach holidays with treatment in the sanatoriums of the Krasnodar Territory. Here, on the sea coast, many health resorts offer accommodation in comfortable rooms, three meals a day, and various medical procedures. But since the choice is very large, you can get confused. That is why we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rating of the best resorts in the Krasnodar Territory.

Top 10 best sanatoriums in Krasnodar Territory

10. Wulan

For those who really need treatment
Website: vulan.ru, Phone: +7 (861) 204-20-79
On the map:Primorsky Boulevard, 32, Gelendzhik, s. Arkhipo-Osipovka
Rating (by reviews): 5.0

The Vulan health resort complex is focused on the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, respiratory organs, nervous system, and musculoskeletal system. The most common methods of therapy are massage, physiotherapy, halotherapy, reflexology. Other techniques are also used depending on the disease. Meals are included in the price of the voucher, it is carried out according to a customized menu, plus a buffet is organized to satisfy the preferences of each spa traveler. The offices of general and specialized doctors work here every day. The rooms are quite basic but cozy, clean and comfortable. The sea is very close – the road to it takes only a few minutes.

The reviews often contain information that this sanatorium is for those who really need to get medical treatment, and not just relax on the sea. There are not many entertainments in the health resort itself, but the village of Arkhipovka-Osipovka is quite large and here you can find something to do. I am glad that the sea is only 70 meters from the building of the sanatorium. The food is delicious and satisfying, the staff is polite and friendly.

9. Foothills of the Caucasus

The optimal combination of treatment and good rest
Website: foothills-kavkaza.rf, Phone: +7 (989) 199-44-44
On the map:st. Lenina, 2, Goryachy Klyuch, Krasnodar Territory
Rating (by reviews): 4.6

The sanatorium “Foothills of the Caucasus” invites holiday-makers to relax and at the same time improve their health in one of the most picturesque places in the Krasnodar Territory. Local mineral waters have pronounced medicinal properties. A combination of baths, internal water intake and other treatments will help to cope with a wide variety of chronic diseases. In addition to treatment and accommodation in comfortable rooms, the sanatorium offers the opportunity to swim in the pool, visit a beauty salon, play bowling or billiards, dine in a restaurant.

Those who have already been here leave only positive reviews. They write in them that the sanatorium has a good medical base, cozy rooms and delicious food. It is very convenient that the rooms and treatment rooms are located in the same building – no need to run around different buildings. Many consider the sanatorium “Foothills of the Caucasus” to be the best, since all conditions for treatment and good rest have been created here. The only negative is that some people do not like that it is located far from the sea.

8. Matsesta

Famous balneological resort
Website: matsesta.info, Phone: 8 (800) 200-04-34
On the map:st. Cheltenham Alley, 14, Sochi, Krasnodar Territory
Rating (by reviews): 4.6

People come to the famous balneological resort not only from Russia. It is believed that the unique hydrogen sulphide water, on the healing properties of which the treatment is based on, has amazing power. It helps with nervous and heart diseases, relieves sore joints, cleanses the skin and has a rejuvenating effect. This health resort was opened back in 1902, but now, having undergone a number of changes and reconstructions, it appears before vacationers in the form of a well-equipped modern resort.

But there is one “but” – Matsesta is a resort where people simply come to undergo treatment. If you want to improve your health at this particular resort, you should choose one of the sanatoriums that cooperate with Matsesta in order to combine sanatorium rest and treatment with unique water. You can consider options for buying a voucher to such sanatoriums as “Actor”, “Adlerkurort” or “Zapolyarye”. The most important positive feedback that can be found is that the baths and other treatments practiced here really help.

7. Svetlana

The optimal combination of price and quality
Site: svetlana-sochi.ru, Phone: +7 (862) 444-42-00
On the map:Kurortny pr., 75, building 2, Sochi, Krasnodar Territory
Rating (by reviews): 4.7

Surprisingly inexpensive sanatorium, which is recommended to go to anyone who is experiencing any health problems. There is a fairly good medical center on the territory of the health resort, where experienced doctors will make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment with the help of various health procedures. Three meals a day are organized for vacationers on the basis of a buffet.

The reviews of those who have already visited the health resort for treatment or rest speaks much more eloquently than any description about the sanatorium. They write about very low prices for the sanatorium, its excellent location, polite staff. Rooms are very comfortable and clean, cleaned daily. A separate topic is the kitchen. Many people think that it is the best, despite its simplicity – everything is very tasty. In general, there are no complaints about the sanatorium, but some believe that not enough medical procedures are included in the basic voucher, therefore they call the health resort a place for rest rather than for treatment. But for an additional fee, you can go through a lot of good procedures.

6. Sanatorium. M. V. Frunze

The best sanatorium for treatment and relaxation
Site: frunze.net, Phone: +7 (862) 267-25-58
On the map:Kurortny pr., 87, Sochi, Krasnodar Territory
Rating (by reviews): 4.7

This sanatorium has been operating for a very long time, but it has been completely restored, major modern repairs have been carried out, the territory is equipped to the smallest detail. It has the best location – right on the beach, literally 10 steps from it. The beach is fully equipped for a comfortable stay. On a huge adjacent territory there is an arboretum, an indoor swimming pool, a sports complex, and a children’s playground. Great attention is paid to treatment. The sanatorium specializes in most diseases – the nervous system, respiratory organs, heart, musculoskeletal system, stomach and intestines. The list includes a weight correction program. Doctors carry out many procedures – ozone therapy, phototherapy, shungite therapy, vibration massage, dry oxygen baths and much more.

Three meals a day are organized for the guests of the sanatorium according to the customized menu scheme (a choice of 3-4 dishes is given). On the recommendation of a doctor, chefs can prepare diet meals. The health resort provides an opportunity to organize a wonderful picnic. For an additional fee, you can visit the sauna and beauty parlor. And in the reviews, vacationers write that the staff is very polite and friendly, the food is good, the service is at a high level.

5. White Russia

The most beautiful sanatorium
Website: belaya-rus.ru, Phone: +7 (861) 205-70-68
On the map:Krasnodar Territory, Tuapse District, settlement Maysky
Rating (by reviews): 4.8

This resort differs from others with its stunning exterior and exquisite design inside. First of all, it is a health resort, and it is logical that people come here for treatment. But having arrived, they even perceive the wellness procedures as a pleasant rest. Such an amazing, relaxed and homely atmosphere reigns here. The surrounding area is very well equipped – shady alleys, beautifully decorated lawns, a children’s swimming pool, various sports grounds. The number of rooms is excellent – everything is very comfortable, nice, clean and tidy. And if you wish, you can rent a cottage in a forested area, on the seashore.

Three meals a day in the sanatorium are organized according to the principle of a buffet – among the presented dishes you can find ordinary, dietary and children’s cuisine. The list of medical procedures is simply impressive – the doctors of the health resort use most of the newest techniques that will help to relax, restore nerves and normal functioning of the body. Those who have already come here to relax and receive medical treatment, assure that the leisure time in this health resort is the best – in addition to the standard pools and the beach, the patients of the sanatorium are invited to play billiards, go to the cinema or a computer club. And for those who like to spend time with a book, there is a library.

4. Anapa Ocean

Unique sanatorium of psychosomatics
Website: anapaokean.ru, Phone: 8 (800) 250-27-55
On the map:st. Lenina, 3, Anapa, Krasnodar region
Rating (by reviews): 4.8

In this sanatorium, you can improve your condition for a variety of diseases – the nervous system, digestive organs, respiration, heart, musculoskeletal system. Metabolic disorders, diseases of the genitourinary system are treated. But the most famous sanatorium is a unique method of treating psychosomatic diseases. For patients with neurotic, anxiety disorders, depression, insomnia, an integrated approach is used, the latest techniques that help to significantly improve the condition and quality of life of such people.

The clients of the sanatorium are accommodated in very comfortable, cozy rooms with a sea view. The service here is excellent – there are restaurants, a wellness club, and the “Ocean” club is organized for children, where kids can have fun, giving their parents a little rest. The price of the voucher already includes three meals a day on a buffet basis. Here everyone will find both regular and dietary meals. A separate menu for children has been developed. Also on the territory of the sanatorium there are two restaurants (Italian and Caucasian cuisine) for those who wanted something special.

3. Cape Vidny

Lots of wellness treatments
Website: mysvidny.ru, Phone: 8 (800) 775-51-00
On the map:Novorossiyskoe sh., 1, Sochi, Krasnodar region
Rating (by reviews): 4.9

The health resort of Krasnodar Territory “Cape Vidny” is focused primarily on the treatment of diseases of the nervous system, respiratory tract and circulatory system. It is located next to the unique reserve of the same name with century-old Pitsunda pines. Of the interesting methods for treatment, Vichy shower, speleotherapy, spa capsule are offered. For those wishing to sunbathe and swim, the sanatorium has its own beach with a pebble shore. The resort has a swimming pool and a hammam. Meals in the sanatorium are organized according to the buffet system. Those who wish can always choose a dietary therapeutic menu. And if you want variety, you can go to a restaurant or a cozy cafe.

The rooms are very spacious and comfortable, rather like a well-furnished apartment. They have everything you need for temporary residence. People who underwent treatment here believe that this is one of the best places in the Krasnodar Territory, where you can not only improve your health due to a variety of health procedures, but also just have a great rest. The cuisine here is not the most sophisticated, but not bad either, the rooms are very comfortable, and the staff is polite and competent.

2. Green Grove

The most pleasant treatment
Site: rosha-sochi.ru, Phone: +7 (862) 277-70-89
On the map:Kurortny pr., 120, Sochi, Krasnodar Territory
Rating (by reviews): 4.9

One of the most popular health resorts in the Krasnodar Territory “Green Grove” is located in Sochi, very close to the sea. Hence follows not the least important advantage of the health resort – it has its own well-equipped beach, to which underground passages lead from the complex. Also, everyone who lives here will be able to undergo modern health procedures – hydrotherapy, massage, physiotherapy. Many people come here without serious illnesses just to have a good rest and get in shape.

Indeed, the sanatorium is more like not a medical, but just a health institution. There are swimming pools on the territory, well-equipped comfortable rooms are allocated for living, meals in the main dining room are organized according to the principle of a buffet. Additionally, the sanatorium has a restaurant, bar, cinema, billiards, dance hall. Those interested can go on a small hiking trip with an experienced instructor. The only unpleasant moment is that some are not satisfied with the quality of food. There are complaints about salted food, the monotony of dishes and, in general, their inept preparation.

1. Mountain

Better ecology and climatic conditions
Site: sanatoriy-gorniy.ru, Phone: +7 (861) 204-22-68
On the map:st. Radishcheva, 46, Goryachy Klyuch, Krasnodar Territory
Rating (by reviews): 5.0

This is one of the best resorts in the Krasnodar Territory in several respects. Only here treatment of the European level is combined with the purest mountain air, which in itself can be considered healing. Goryachy Klyuch, in which the sanatorium is located, is one of the five most environmentally friendly cities on the planet. Here you can relax and improve your health. A personal doctor, the latest diagnostic equipment, mud treatments, thermal and mineral water will help with this. It will be useful to go here for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, neurological, orthopedic, cardiological problems.

The sanatorium belongs to the category of quite popular, many consider it one of the best not only in the Krasnodar Territory, but in Russia as a whole. In addition to the effectiveness of treatment, they note a very clean well-groomed area, cozy, comfortable rooms, a large pool with a waterfall and a jacuzzi. The nature here is very beautiful, and the air is simply extremely clean. The clients of the sanatorium put a very small minus for diet food and small portions.

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