10 best sanatoriums in the Urals

TOP 10 best sanatoriums in the Urals
1 Siberia The best sanatorium in the Urals, effective targeted programs
2 Swallow Doctors of the highest and first category, apparatus physiotherapy
3 Assy Advanced Medical Profile, Scenic Area
4 Light coloured Classical and alternative medicine, therapeutic pool
5 White stone The best living conditions, natural healing factors
6 Anniversary Effective wellness programs, manual and hardware massage
7 Obukhovsky Modern medical and diagnostic facilities, postoperative rehabilitation
8 Karagaysky Bor The best SPA center, procedures for health and beauty
9 Ural Dry carbon dioxide baths, winter garden on site
10 Pearl of the Urals A wide range of wellness treatments, complex packages

The Ural is a Russian treasury of mineral waters and healing mud. A huge number of health resort complexes have been opened here, the treatment in which is based on the competent use of natural factors. Find it difficult to choose a wellness center? Especially for you, we have prepared TOP-10 of the best sanatoriums in the Urals, offering effective treatment and good rest throughout the year.

TOP 10 best sanatoriums in the Urals

10. Pearl of the Urals

A wide range of wellness treatments, complex packages
+7 (351) 700-75-05, website: ural-pearl.ru
On the map:Chelyabinsk region, Miass, 44 quarter
Rating (by reviews): 4.1

The multi-profile sanatorium “Pearl of the Urals” is located 120 km from Chelyabinsk, on the shores of Lake Turgoyak. The main advantage of the center is its complex purpose, i.e. the voucher already includes food, accommodation and treatment. Guests are offered a wide range of wellness treatments (as prescribed by a doctor): air and sun baths, mechanical massage, mud therapy, inhalations and herbal medicine. All treatment programs are designed for a period of 10 days or more.

The rooms of the sanatorium are decorated in a classic style, and free toiletries are provided. Each room has a minibar, telephone and refrigerator. There is a nightclub and a cinema on site. Pros: sandy beach with sun loungers, modern therapeutic swimming pool and entertainment programs. Cons: Wi-Fi is available only on the second floor of the building, overpriced.

9. Ural

Dry carbon dioxide baths, winter garden on site
+7 (351) 701-08-93, website: uralsan.ru
On the map:Chelyabinsk region, Uvelsky district, with. Khomutinino
Rating (by reviews): 4.2

Sanatorium “Ural” is the best choice for those who need the most effective prevention and treatment of gastroenterological diseases. In therapy, mud therapy, methods of traditional medicine, dry carbon dioxide baths, physiotherapy exercises, as well as local procedures are widely used. The duration of treatment programs varies from 10 to 21 days.

Guests of the sanatorium can visit the SPA-center, which offers a wide range of procedures to improve health and relaxation: “Italian confetti”, “Anti-stress cocktail”, “Tender beach”, etc. The complex has a winter garden, a comfortable video salon, a dance hall, and children’s room for children from 4 to 9 years old. Pros: sports equipment rental, on-site shop, therapeutic pool. Cons: small area, lack of animators.

8. Karagayskiy Bor

The best SPA center, procedures for health and beauty
8 (800) 300-59-60, website: karagajskij-bor.ru
On the map:Chelyabinsk region, Verkhneuralsky district, Karagaysky settlement
Rating (by reviews): 4.3

If you are looking for a sanatorium, the medical base of which will meet not only Russian, but also European quality standards, we recommend choosing the Karagaysky Bor complex. It treats a wide range of diseases, operates rehabilitation programs, and operates the best spa center in the region. Beauty procedures are in great demand: anti-cellulite wraps, anti-aging facial skin care, Thai massage, etc.

The next advantage of the sanatorium is active and healthy rest. The complex has sports grounds, an area for playing billiards and tennis, and a playroom for children. The SPA center has a pool with fresh water, but the cost of visiting it is not included in the voucher and is paid separately (350 rubles per hour). Pros: phytobar, free Wi-Fi throughout the territory, concert programs. Minus – old renovation in almost all rooms.

7. Obukhovsky

Modern medical and diagnostic facilities, postoperative rehabilitation
+7 (343) 376-59-60, website: sanatoriyobukhovskiy.ru
On the map:Sverdlovsk region, Kamyshlovsky district, Obukhovo village
Rating (by reviews): 4.4

Obukhovsky is one of the best family resorts in the Urals. There is everything you need for treatment and recreation with children from 4 to 14 years old: a playground, attractions, a winter garden and a swimming pool. The main specialization of the sanatorium is the prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus, cholelithiasis, chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Please note that for the correct appointment of a therapy plan, you will need a health resort card form No. 072 / u-04.

Judging by the reviews, one of the advantages of the sanatorium is delicious buffet meals. Separately offered dietary meals (as prescribed by a doctor), steamed and mineral water “Obukhovskaya” without adding animal fats. There is always a huge selection of salads, fresh vegetables and fruits. Pros: modern medical equipment, pool with slides and waterfall showers, shops on site.

6. Jubilee

Effective wellness programs, manual and hardware massage
8 (800) 300-59-60, website: sanatorii-yubilejnyj.ru
On the map:Bashkortostan, Abzelilovsky district, village Zelenaya Polyana, st. Kurortnaya, 1
Rating (by reviews): 4.5

Sanatorium “Yubileiny” offers professional treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, as well as gynecological problems. The wellness courses are based on traditional medicine, including oxygen cocktails, physiotherapy, inhalation and massage. The price of the voucher already includes treatment programs (optional): “Antistress”, “Ischemic heart disease”, “Program for frequently ill children”, etc. The course of body modeling, cellulite treatment and weight correction is especially popular here.

The sanatorium is designed for 900 beds. The rooms have everything you need for a comfortable stay: TV, telephone, coffee table, safe, as well as a set of dishes and a refrigerator. Three meals a day are organized according to a customized menu. Pros: bike and scooter rental, booking a room without prepayment, a beautiful area with a landscaped beach. The downside is high prices.

5. White Stone

The best living conditions, natural healing factors
+7 (343) 216-51-96, website: b-kamen.com
On the map:Sverdlovsk Region, Asbest, Belokamenny settlement
Rating (by reviews): 4.6

More than 10 wellness programs that meet Russian quality standards are offered by the Bely Kamen health resort complex, located in the Sverdlovsk Region. Here, natural factors are widely used in the treatment of patients: radon from our own well, sulphide-silt mud of the lake, as well as ionized air of a pine forest. The main profile of the sanatorium is diseases of the musculoskeletal system, however, patients with problems of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems are also accepted for treatment.

The total capacity of the center is 67 people. At your service: 23 rooms with panoramic views of the forest, five meals a day, guarded parking. Bathrobes with slippers, a hairdryer and a set of toiletries are provided free of charge. Pros: a sauna with a swimming pool, a huge game room with animators, high-quality and inexpensive procedures. The reviews say that the sanatorium is small, but with a modern renovation.

4. Light

Classical and alternative medicine, therapeutic pool
+7 (345) 353-21-46, website: gutosvet.ru
On the map:Tyumen region, Yalutorovsk, st. Revolution, d. 130
Rating (by reviews): 4.7

If you are tired of the city noise, we recommend you go to the Svetly sanatorium. It is located in an ecologically clean area on the shores of a picturesque lake. Coming here, each patient undergoes a comprehensive examination. Taking into account its results, doctors prescribe a course of health procedures, including hardware physiotherapy, mineral baths and healing showers. Masters of alternative medicine work with patients. If you wish, you can visit yoga, qigong therapy, as well as Ayurveda.

Three modern buildings have been prepared for living, connected by warm passages. You can choose comfortable rooms of economy and business class of various sizes. Reviews say that all rooms are comfortable, clean, with large windows. Even block rooms have a TV, refrigerator and telephone. For patients, a four-day meal regimen is provided, an additional bar works. Pros: a therapeutic swimming pool, weekend vouchers, various excursion programs.

3. Assy

Advanced Medical Profile, Scenic Area
+7 (347) 927-85-15, website: assy-rb.ru
On the map:Bashkortostan, Beloretsky district, s. Assy
Rating (by reviews): 4.8

Clean air, mineral water and mountain rivers – all this creates comfortable conditions for effective treatment in the Assy sanatorium. The main medical profile includes diseases of the digestive, endocrine, nervous and musculoskeletal systems. The recommended duration of treatment is 21 days, but there are other programs for 7, 10 and 14 days.

The Assy sanatorium works all year round, accepting adults and parents with children of any age for treatment. The infrastructure of the center includes a children’s playroom, an indoor pool, and the organization of bus tours. There is a mountain bike rental office and a gym. Pros: unusual decoration of buildings, varied à la carte meals, daily cleaning in rooms, no queues for procedures. Minus – in the reviews they say that there are no safes in the rooms for storing valuables.

2. Swallow

Doctors of the highest and first category, apparatus physiotherapy
+7 (345) 256-45-30, website: lastochka.com
On the map:Tyumen region, Yalutorovsky tract, 28 km
Rating (by reviews): 4.9

Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, there is one of the best sanatoriums in the Urals – “Lastochka”. He specializes in family recreation and treatment, offering special programs: “Waiting for a miracle”, “Diabetes is not a sentence”, “Heart without pain”, etc. The center employs doctors of the highest and first categories, developing an individual treatment plan for each patient. Weekend offers, as well as day and evening hospital without accommodation are valid.

On the basis of the sanatorium, three meals a day are organized, there are dietary tables. For active recreation, there is a gym and several outdoor areas. There is a rental shop for bicycles, roller skates and winter sports equipment. There is a mini-sauna with a swimming pool, as well as several gyms. Rooms of various categories are prepared for the accommodation of vacationers: standard, suite, and also “Mother and Child”. Pros: there are dry carbon dioxide baths, oxygen cocktails and salt mines, an entertainment program is organized.

1. Siberia

The best sanatorium in the Urals, effective targeted programs
+7 (345) 268-70-00, website: sibircentr.ru
On the map:Tyumen region, Chervishevsky tract, 19 km
Rating (by reviews): 5.0

The Center for Restorative Medicine and Rehabilitation “Siberia”, located 25 km from Tyumen, is the largest health resort in Russia. This is the best sanatorium in the Urals with a unique natural landscape and birch groves. The center specializes in recovery, rehabilitation and spa treatment for adults and children from 3 years old. For a comfortable stay of patients, rooms of various levels of comfort have been prepared with a TV, refrigerator and balcony.

In the best sanatorium “Siberia” there are various target programs: “Antistress”, “Express Youth”, “Women’s Health” and others. There is a children’s town and a playground on the territory, educators work. There are several pools, including an outdoor thermal one with low mineralization water. Activities include fishing, horse riding, boating, entertainment and shows. Pros: varied and tasty food, effective treatment and prevention, friendly staff.

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