10 most beautiful registry offices in Moscow

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10 most beautiful registry offices in Moscow

An outdoor wedding ceremony is in fashion – it is unusual, beautiful and adapts to your desires. At the same time, thousands of couples every year choose official registration at the registry office because of two significant advantages: it is significantly cheaper, and does not require any time and effort to prepare. In addition, due to the right acoustics, austere ambience and classical music, the atmosphere is often more solemn than in some outdoor ceremonies. For those who are looking for a Wedding Palace that does not look like a relic of the past, we have collected 10 of the most beautiful registry offices in Moscow. The list does not include the registry office on the Zhivopisny bridge, which has not yet opened, but we will definitely tell you about it as soon as it opens its doors.

Wedding Palace No. 1 (Griboyedov registry office)

The most famous registry office of the country, although it is not the most beautiful registry office in Moscow, copes with the task of creating the right atmosphere – luxurious staircases, large halls, stucco moldings and gilding help in this. Celebrities like to sign here, so chances are high to see a media person and be the first to know about his wedding.

The popularity of this place has its drawbacks, because it is not easy to get the coveted ticket for a wedding in the high season – in the first 2 months of summer alone, almost 1,300 applications were submitted to the Griboyedov registry office! Many couples still sleep in front of the entrance, but this is not a guarantee of getting the time you need.

Where to take pictures: inside the building, on stairs and in corridors. There is no place for a photo outside, the main entrance leads to the road.

Address: Maly Kharitonevsky lane, 10, bldg. 1

Natalya Legend

Meshchansky registry office

Not promoted, but, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful registry offices in Moscow. The halls in blue tones are effectively and tastefully decorated; the ceremonial hall is in no way inferior to them. The building was designed by the architect V.I.Bazhenov for a wealthy merchant, so the atmosphere inside is appropriate. Important practical information: The reception area is small, therefore it is recommended to invite up to 20 guests. In addition, parking can be difficult – it is very small.

Where to take pictures: Inside the building, take full advantage of the blue hallways.

Address: Mira Avenue, 16, bldg. 1

Yana and Alexander Ermakov

Yana and Alexander Ermakov

Yana and Alexander Ermakov

Zheleznodorozhnensky registry office

The registry office is a surprise, you cannot name it otherwise. Behind the dubious-looking facade, similar to the building of an inexpensive shopping center, is an amazing registry office! Spacious, modern with great interiors. Just see how beautiful it is here:

Where to take pictures: inside the building, the interiors of all the halls are good. There are many sights near the registry office that are also worthy of a photo, for example, the Troitskoye-Kainaradzhi estate in Pavlino.

Address: Zheleznodorozhny, st. Jubilee, 16, building 1

Studio light cube

Anton Ukhanov

Anton Ukhanov

Anton Ukhanov

Tagansky registry office

Not only one of the most beautiful registry offices in Moscow, but also one of the most sincere. In the reviews, many newlyweds praise the elegant reception area and the friendly staff who are always ready to help.

The room is small, therefore it is recommended to invite up to 20 guests. The parking lot nearby is very small. In addition, there is a monastery nearby and many people can gather on weekends, keep this in mind when planning your wedding.

Where to take pictures: inside.

Address: Taganskaya st., 44

Vitaly Zhirnosenko


If you find fault, then this, of course, is not a registry office, but a place for off-site registration. But it is carried out officially and carried out by the Perovskiy department of the registry office (the application is submitted there). An 18th century Italian house is rented for the ceremony, located on a pond of a small lake in the heart of Kuskovo Park.

Where to take pictures: inside the house and, of course, on the territory of Kuskovo.

The address of the Perovskiy department of the registry office: Perovskaya st., 43

Wedding Palace №5

If not the most beautiful registry office in Moscow, then certainly the most unusual one is Izmailovsky. It is located on the territory of the Izmailovsky Kremlin and from the outside looks like a gingerbread house or a fabulous teremok. Inside, everything is pretty standard, although nice.

Where to be photographed: against the background of the Izmailovsky registry office, the territory of the Kremlin and next to it.

Address: Izmailovskoe highway, 73Zh

Daria Pushkareva

Wedding Palace №4

Inside, the Savelovsky registry office looks solemn and spacious, the staircase to the second floor looks especially impressive. There is a lot of space here and even on a weekend it doesn’t feel like you are wading through the crowd on a busy street.

If you marry a foreigner, you will be sent here without fail – in Moscow, only the Wedding Palace No. 4 registers marriages with citizens of the USA, Europe and other non-CIS states.

Where to take pictures: inside. You won’t find anything special outside

Address: Butyrskaya st., 17

Andrey Chetverikov

Tsaritsyno registry office

Compared to other places, this registry office does not stand out for originality or luxurious interiors. At the same time, there is a delicately decorated check-in room, which is a pleasure to tie the knot. The hall is small, it is recommended to invite up to 15 people.

Where to take pictures: inside

Address: Kantemirovskaya st., 9

Khamovnichesky registry office

The ceremonial hall in this registry office looks cool – white, modern interior, mirrors, and the registration area is located in a special decorative gazebo inside the premises.

Where to take pictures: inside

Address: 1st Vrazhsky lane, 4

Alexey Chernyshev

Wedding Palace at the All-Russian Exhibition Center

This is one of the most beautiful registry offices in Moscow from the outside – an unusual white mansion will look luxurious in photographs. The interior of the mansion looks neat and rather solemn. The Wedding Palace at the All-Russian Exhibition Center is proud of the fact that it deliberately limits the number of weddings during the day so that there is no crowding (no more than 20, although usually there are up to 40 ceremonies in the Moscow registry offices).

Where to take pictures: inside and outside

Address: Prospect Mira, house ownership 119, building 421, VVTs