10-year-old boy became the youngest king of Anambra |

10-year-old boy became the youngest king of Anambra |

A 10-year-old boy became the king of his community.

Akubuisi Okonkwo was crowned King of the Kingdom of Iyora Anam in the Anambra local government area in Anambra state, making him the youngest king of Anambra.

The boy ascended the throne after the last Ofal of his late father, His Royal Highness, Igwe Onechonam Okonkwo, Olam 1 Iyora Anam.

The father is said to be the youngest king when he ascended the throne and ruled all his life before his son inherited it.

King of Akubuisi

The youngest king is now Olanme Iyora Anama11 and he will rule the kingdom of Iyora during his lifetime. From now on, he will be called His Royal Highness (Igwe) Olanme II Iiora. The entire community of Iyora Anam congratulated the 10-year-old boy and has already addressed him as a king.

Many people across the country and in neighboring communities reacted differently to the arrival of the new king. Some asked if the boy would be able to take charge of the throne.

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