10-year-old boy was tortured by his parents in rivers for eating (picture)

According to NaijaCover Reports, the couple are accused of having their 10-year-old son Goodluck physically assaulted in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State, for food theft and witchcraft.

According to information obtained by NAIJACOVER, according to Facebook user Chigozi Eff, who found the boy wandering the streets, the latest violence occurred on Wednesday, October 14, after the boy took food from the pot without parental permission. parents.

The parents, who were allegedly from Akwa Ibom, allegedly punished Goodluck and kicked him out of the house. When contacted, the mother said that the pastor told them that the boy was a witch.

Eff wrote on Facebook, sourced from NAIJACOVER below;

“For taking a plate of food out of a pot without parental consent, 10-year-old Goodluck had his body altered and sent outside,” the report said.

“The accident happened yesterday on Ereaka Road, Port Harcourt. Investigations showed that Goodluck was consistently abusive from his parents. The constant brutality makes them doubt that luck really is their son, unfortunately it is. “

“Originally from Akwa Ibom and currently residing in Rivers State, Goodluck does not go to school because his father claimed he did not have the money to fund his education.”

“Goodluck was visited on the streets of Port Harcourt, where he confirmed that he had been beaten for stealing food.

“He said that his father tied him up and used a nail, as seen in the photo below. When contacted this morning, Goodluck’s mom said, “My son is a witch, that’s why he behaves this way.”

“When asked how she came to this conclusion, she replied that her pastor had told her that the boy was a witch. When contacted today, Goodluck’s father was drunk and unable to answer the questions he was asked. “

See graphic photos obtained by NAIJACOVER below:

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