10 best resorts in Krasnodar region

Krasnodar Territory has a unique temperate climate, the best conditions for water activities, abounds in mineral springs and therapeutic mud. It is not surprising that local resorts combine recreational and recreational activities. Tourist routes are laid along the entire Black Sea coast, every meter is occupied by hotels, restaurants, water parks, nightclubs. The region is crossed by 5 rivers, along which rafting is organized. The fun doesn’t end in winter: some resorts offer better conditions for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing.

We have collected 10 unique places of the Krasnodar Territory, enticing with the gentle southern sun, calm lakes, Black Sea beaches, mountain peaks. They make vacation an unforgettable adventure for the whole family. Most of the resorts have modernized, offering conditions for a comfortable stay: active sports, hiking and horseback riding routes, wellness treatments, water parks and attractions for parents with children.

Top 10 best resorts in Krasnodar region

10. Abrau-Durso

Relaxation on mineral springs
The best vineyards, the largest mountain lake
On the map:Abrau-Durso
Rating (by reviews): 4.3

The best vineyards of the Krasnodar Territory grow in Abrau-Dyurso, and a large number of popular wines are produced. However, people come here not only for alcoholic beverages. The resort area has a rich nature, not loaded with dozens of entertainment venues. The magnificent mountain landscape and the clear Black Sea attract tourists from all over Russia. The resort is divided into 2 parts: Abrau occupies a place among the hills, and Durso faces the coastline. People come here for the sake of mineral springs, solitude, the largest mountain lake.

Rest in Abrau-Durso cannot be imagined without hiking through picturesque natural places. On the sides of the main village there is a galaxy of unequipped wild beaches that are perfect for adult tourists. Families with children are advised to stay in the city for a gentle entry into the sea. All beaches are pebbly, tourists are advised to buy special slippers. There are practically no vacancies during the high season.

9. Nebug

The most secluded place
The largest water park, dolphinarium, ancient Adyghe auls
On the map:Nebug
Rating (by reviews): 4.4

Nebug is a small village on the Black Sea coast. It attracts with a gentle entrance to the water, clean air and the absence of crowds of tourists. Visitors walk along forest paths and long beaches (15 km), swim in the sea. There is a large number of inexpensive hotels that occupy the coastal zone. Active water recreation is thriving in Nebug: diving, surfing, sailing. There are boat trips. The place is popular with families, both children and elderly tourists feel comfortable here.

The village has one of the largest water parks in Russia “Dolphin” with an area of ​​4 hectares. Some slides reach the height of a high-rise building. A unique feature of the park is its association with the Arboretum, you can visit several attractions at the same time. Parties for adults are held here at night. The Aqua World Dolphinarium awaits visitors, which is located a few meters from the beach.

8. Abinsk

Accommodation in the mountains, calm atmosphere
Dolmens, hidden trails, routes for climbers
On the map:Abinsk
Rating (by reviews): 4.5

Those who cannot imagine rest without the view of the mountains are recommended to visit Abinsk. The small town has taken a picturesque place at the foot of the Caucasus, near the New Rocks with routes for mountaineering. The main attraction is the mountain trails to the majestic peaks with dense forests untouched by man. Tourists, unsure of their legs, go hiking on horseback. There are routes to ancient dolmens built in the Bronze Age. Of course, short hikes to lower elevations are also available.

The resort allows you to improve your health: dozens of natural springs, a source of iodine-bromine water, therapeutic mud and mineral water are known throughout the country. Thanks to the wealth of the land, rest houses, dispensaries, sanatoriums have been opened here. The Black Sea is far away, but there is a huge lake where tourists swim and fish. Climbing the mountain, you can see the Bolshoi Adegoisky waterfall with a height of more than 10 meters, which is part of the natural cascade.

7. Gelendzhik

European service, renovated resort
Safari park, three water parks, mineral springs
On the map:Gelendzhik
Rating (by reviews): 4.6

Gelendzhik is one of the most popular, modern, sophisticated resorts, it is appreciated for the best service and service. Holidays on the Black Sea coast are well developed: more than 100 pebble beaches 20 km long can surprise any tourist. People come here for mineral water, there are several springs. Families with children will appreciate the unique “Safari Park” for the opportunity to observe the life of wild animals. Three water parks will not let active guests get bored.

There is no shortage of sights in Gelendzhik. For example, the Markotkh ridge, to which 2 cable cars lead. In August of every even year, a grandiose hydro-air show takes place, there are no analogues in Russia. Despite its popularity, the resort has preserved its nature. It is recommended to visit the cascading waterfalls and walk along the shady forest paths. Although the main part is built up with hotels and boarding houses, the cost exceeds the average for the Krasnodar Territory.

6. Goryachy Klyuch

Wellness holiday on mud volcanoes
Lotus Valley, Turkish Fountain, Wine Tasting
On the map:Hot key
Rating (by reviews): 4.6

Goryachy Klyuch invites you to forget about the hustle and bustle of popular resorts, to heal your body and completely improve your health. There are salt deposits and mud volcanoes on the territory, which are actively used by local boarding houses. Natural wonders are still preserved in Goryachy Klyuch. For example, the picturesque Lotus Valley. In the city center, every square meter is built up with entertainment facilities for the whole family. Markets with fresh and very cheap fruits and vegetables are open, sightseeing buses travel throughout the Krasnodar Territory.

Locals advise visiting the sights: the ethnographic complex “Ataman”, which tells about the life of the Kuban Cossacks, the Turkish fountain, Lermontov places. The most active take part in traditional rituals, and adults are welcome at wineries. It is here that the best grape varieties in Russia grow, which you can taste, learn about the history of cultivation, and bring souvenirs home.

5. Yeisk

Green harbor resort
Sandy beaches, windsurfing, sailing
On the map:Yeisk
Rating (by reviews): 4.7

Yeisk is a small, distinctive port city, where streets and houses are buried in fruit trees and greenery. The resort abounds with alleys, squares, parks. Most of the beaches are sandy, and the tourist infrastructure is actively developing. Local authorities are monitoring the environment: the city is being cleaned, resting places, shady areas, changing rooms and showers near the Black Sea are being arranged. The most popular accommodation option is private houses; there are still few hotels and boarding houses.

This part of the Krasnodar Territory is suitable for families with small children: gentle entry into the sea, clean air and a calm atmosphere are popular with families. The city, despite its modest size, has a rich list of entertainment options. Winds are constantly blowing from the Taganrog Bay, therefore sailing and windsurfing are actively developing. A visit to the aquarium is recommended. Nature lovers will appreciate the unique salt lakes, for which one does not even need to leave Yeisk.

4. Tuapse

Best wildlife and ambiance
Kiseleva rock, forest park zones, mountain waterfalls
On the map:Tuapse
Rating (by reviews): 4.7

Tuapse will appeal to connoisseurs of Caucasian nature and the corresponding flavor. Small streets of the city climb the mountains and descend to the Black Sea. Tourists are in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The resort is not as developed as the leaders of the rating, so wild vegetation and pristine beaches have been preserved here. And guests accustomed to comfort are always welcome in holiday homes, hotels and boarding houses on the Black Sea coast. The central beach with medium-sized pebbles has a gentle slope into the water.

Coming to Tuapse, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Kiselev Rock – a unique example of nature with sheer walls. Then you can walk to Cape Kadosh, relax in the forest-park areas. More than 250 species of orchids, Crimean pines, lianas and other representatives of the southern fauna grow there. Local rivers abound with waterfalls, the highest reaching 33 meters in height. Excursion buses to the ancient dolmens are waiting for history lovers.

3. Adler

Equipped beaches, wellness complexes
Aquapark, oceanarium, mount Akhun
On the map:Adler
Rating (by reviews): 4.8

Adler occupied the southernmost point of Russia, so recreation here is not limited to the summer months. Picturesque beaches are set against the backdrop of snow-capped slopes, among which mountain lakes are hidden. The resort has a developed infrastructure: attractions, entertainment, cafes will not let you get bored. Many people combine rest with treatment in health resorts. The latter use silt mud enriched with hydrogen sulfide. Sanatoriums even cope with chronic diseases.

Adler is considered one of the best for families. The guys will be delighted with the Amfibius water park: huge water attractions occupy 2 hectares. It is recommended to visit the aquarium with representatives of marine flora and fauna. Locals advise to go to the dolphinarium, the program is constantly changing. And there are also unique history museums, the Southern Culture Park, Mount Arkhun with climbs for the hardiest. Shopping and excursions, sea cruises and walks are just a few of the resort’s offerings.

2. Anapa

The best sandy beaches
Dolphinarium, mineral springs, vineyards
On the map:Anapa
Rating (by reviews): 4.9

The best beaches of the Krasnodar Territory stretch throughout Anapa. In a small village there are comfortable boarding houses, the cheapest private sector, luxury hotels. The village is always quiet and calm, for active recreation you need to drive a little: to the lighthouse, dolphinarium, restaurants and cafes. It is recommended to visit the curative mud and mineral springs. The resort is surrounded by picturesque juniper groves and oak forests. For parents with children, animators work, swimming pools, a special menu is served.

For decades, Anapa has been built up with boarding houses and sanatoriums, tourists are attracted by the low price. Vacationers often settle in the central region, and the Vysoky Bereg is also popular. There are pebbly beaches that stretch along the entire Black Sea coast. The resort is equipped in accordance with modern standards, although some wild places remain. Families with small children have chosen the sanatoriums; diseases of all organs are successfully treated here.

1. Sochi

Best Year-Round Resort
Developed entertainment industry, pebble beaches
On the map:Sochi
Rating (by reviews): 5.0

Topping the list of the best is the most luxurious, popular resort in Russia – Sochi. People come here all year round: in the summer to soak up the sun among the palm trees on the beach by the Black Sea, and in the winter to go for a drive from the slopes of Krasnaya Polyana. There is a beautiful promenade for romantic walks, mineral springs and nightlife. The resort stretches along the Black Sea coast, offering a huge range of accommodation options. There are 84 sanatoriums alone, not to mention recreation centers, hotels and boarding houses.

Sochi never calms down, leisure will conquer even the most sophisticated tourists. The city regularly hosts festivals, fashion shows, and musical groups from all over Russia come. Parents with children are advised to go to the aquarium. Beach life is developed, but there is practically no sand, only pebbles. For family holidays, it is recommended to visit the Riviera and small Akhun. The huge popularity of the resort plays into the hands of budget tourists: inexpensive accommodation is presented even on the first line of the sea.

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