16 SARS agents accused of murder in five presidential states

Sixteen agents of the disbanded Anti-Robbery Task Force have been charged with extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances in five states and in the federal capital of Abuja.

Saturday PUNCH reports that 16 officers have been recommended for trial by the President’s Special Anti-Robbery Team.

The report was presented to President General Muhammad Bukhari (ret.) On June 3, 2019.

It was recently referred to the Police Service Commission, the Inspector General of Police and the Federation Attorney General following the #EndSARS protests for criminal and disciplinary action.

The report accused a total of 35 police officers in 12 states and the PKT of various rights abuses, including extrajudicial executions, death in police custody, unlawful arrest, partial investigation, unlawful intimidation, stalking, criminal assault, torture, etc. E. cruelty, inhuman and degrading treatment, death threats, extortion and confiscation of property, among others.

In addition to the FCT, the 12 states in which violating officers allegedly committed reported rights violations are Akwa Ibom, Benue, Delta, Enugu, Gombe, Imo, Kaduna, Kogi, Kwara, Lagos, Ogun and Rivers.

Analysis of our reporter’s report showed that 16 of the 35 accused officers were charged with extrajudicial executions and enforced disappearances in five states and the FTS.

The five states are Lagos, Kaduna, Imo, Delta and Enugu.

Imo State, where seven officers have been charged with extrajudicial executions, has the highest number of confirmed cases of violations of the right to life, followed by Abuja with five.

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According to Imo, the accused of extrajudicial executions, among other charges, including illegal arrest and detention, threats to life, are ASP Columbus Aniozor, Inspector Nwachukwu, Inspector Ndidi Nvaneri, Inspector Femi, CSP Godfrey Ogbeide Victor (OC SARS, Imo), ASP Banjoko (OC SARS, Akokova, Imo State) and Corporal Echara Alisa.

The five accused of the extrajudicial executions in Abuja are Inspector Augustine Nwobodo, Sergeant Nuhu Shuaibu, Commander Mohammed Tetengi, Inspector Dennis Matthew and Assistant Chief of Police Felix Onuoha.

The trio Nwobodo, Shuaibu and Tentegi were accused not only of extrajudicial executions, but also of refusing to free the bodies of the victims.

In Lagos, only Inspector Akim Balogun was charged with murder, while two others, Inspector Ibukun Olusoga and Columbus security officer, were charged with enforced disappearance.

The remaining states, Enugu, Delta and Kaduna, have one extrajudicial killings each.

Sergeant Paul Everest was charged with alleged torture leading to his death in custody in Enugu State.

ASP Muyiwa was charged with illegal arrest, detention and extrajudicial executions in Delta State.

In Kaduna State, Inspector Yakubu Baba was charged with torture, violation of the right to life and human dignity.

In addition to confirmed cases of extrajudicial executions, the jury has ordered further investigations of nine of these cases in the states of Imo, Benue, Quara, Kogi, Lagos and Rivers.

The jury directed a further investigation into “the circumstances leading to the death of Collins Okoronkwo Ezenwa and the officers responsible for his death” in Imo State.

He also directed the coroner’s investigation into the death of Ugweze Scientist in the state.

In Benue State, a jury has demanded further investigations into the extrajudicial killings in two cases.

In one case, he ordered an investigation “to reveal the identities of the police officers involved in the heinous murders of Aganda Adi and Olove Adi.”

He also ordered “to conduct an investigation of all officers operating on 9 September 2016 in the Akpehe District of Abu Shuluwa Street, Makurdi, Benue State, at around 19:30, in accordance with current police rules and regulations.”

“The investigation should identify the officers responsible for the death of the deceased, and the role played by the senior police officers responsible for investigating the death,” the statement said.

He also spearheaded the coroner’s investigation into deaths in the states of Kwara and Kogi, a follow-up investigation “designed to uncover the identities of the police officers involved in the gruesome murder of Adam Haruna.”

In Lagos, a jury commissioned an investigation into the extrajudicial killing of Ogadi Enverem against retired officer Wilson Okanya.

In Rivers, a jury ordered an investigation into “the circumstances leading to the alleged extrajudicial killing of Mr. Ajibade Ademisoye” and the death of Mr. Bright Ogolom.

Meanwhile, Lagos Governor Babajide Sanvo Olu said the state justice department is prosecuting 31 police officers for crimes ranging from murder, manslaughter, armed robbery to attempted murder and serious bodily harm. …

The governor tweeted @jidesanwoolu this Friday along with a list of police officers prosecuted for “crimes related to human rights abuses in Lagos.”

The list also includes judges of first instance and dates of subsequent cases.

Sanwo-Olu said the ongoing trial demonstrates the government’s commitment to “end police brutality.”

The list includes Inspector Surulere Irede, Sergeant Sunday Ogunemi and Corporal Hezekia Babatunde, who are jointly tried on manslaughter charges before Judge Ogunsanei; and Sergeant Shogun Okun and Commander Adekunle Oluvarotimi, who are jointly tried for manslaughter and attempted murder before Judge Nicole Clay.

The other individual defendants are Ogunyemi Olalekan (murder), Sergeant Gbavuan Isaac (serious bodily injury), Amina Joseph (murder), Sergeant Alechenu Benedict (armed robbery), Sergeant Adebayo Abdullahi (manslaughter of others), and Inspector Mohammed ), Matthew Chansey (assassination), Adam Dare (assassination), Sergeant Mark Argo and five others (conspiracy and armed robbery) and Corporal Pepple Boma (manslaughter).

Also on the Insp list are Emmanuel Akpodana (attempted murder), Emmanuel Uyankveke (manslaughter), Akanbi Lukmon (manslaughter), Edohe Omokija (homicide), Afolabi Saka (homicide), Gabriel Monday (homicide), Yahi Adesina (manslaughter) … )) and Aremu Musiliu (murder).

Lagos Attorney General Mr. Moyosore Onigbanjo (SAN), who published the list, said: “The Lagos Department of Justice has long been involved in the prosecution of the listed and related police abuse cases. I encourage members of the public to keep an eye on how we continuously and diligently work on these issues for the benefit of the general public. ”

The accused former ARVI agents will be punished. Police Commission

Meanwhile, the Police Service Commission said it would punish all police officers indicted by the presidential committee to reform the defunct special robbery team.

According to a statement by PSC chief, press and public affairs officer Ikechukwu Ani on Friday, “EndSARS protest: PSC calls for restraint, promised to deal with lost police officers,” the commission expressed shock at the level of destruction of social structures and businesses of non-believers.

The statement reads: “The Commission would like to reaffirm its commitment to hold police officers, both non-existent and conventional anti-robbery units accountable for their actions and omissions, and will continue to ensure due and immediate punishment for misconduct.

“The Commission only recently fired 10 senior police officers, including the Deputy Police Commissioner, and downgraded nine more following confirmed cases of misconduct.

“The commission will try to punish all police officers found guilty of reforming the defunct SARS by the presidential group.”

Source: – Punchng

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