18-year-old boy kills his brother for money from the sale of his father’s land

18-year-old boy kills his brother for money from the sale of his father's land

An 18-year-old boy who allegedly killed his older brother for funds raised from the sale of his father’s land was arrested in Dedza, Malawi.

Sadduki Matewere, from the village of Njonja in the area of ​​the traditional Kachere Authority in Dedza, is accused of killing his brother, Joseph Matewe, to also take his share of the money.

Deputy from Dedza Police Station Cassim Manda, who confirmed the incident on Thursday 11 November, said the brothers’ father had two wives and lived in Chiradzulu. Unfortunately, he died and left a piece of land for the families.

The two families sold the land and the money was brought to the district commissioner’s office (DC) in Chiradzulu for proper sharing.

“We are told that Sadduki Matewere, being the last born, received 580,000K while his older brother Joseph Matewere was given 350,000K,” he explained.

After exiting the Washington office, Sadduki’s mother gave Joseph K150,000 of his stake and also gave Sadduki K50,000.

The act annoyed Sadduki and he plotted to kill his brother Joseph so that he had all the money.

At midnight he drove out the other two brothers who were in the house and attacked Joseph.

The victim was later taken to Dedza hospital and transferred to Kamuzu Central Hospital where she died while being treated.

The police arrested Sadduki Matewere and recovered all the tools he used to kill his brother.

Manda said Sadduki admitted to police that he actually killed his brother.

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