20 best recreation centers near Moscow

The best bases of the Moscow region for families with children
1 Latchi Country Club 4.54 Most memorable territory
2 Watercolors 4.43 The best vacation for children of all ages
3 Boyar estate 4.06
4 Holiday House Ershovo 3.97 The best prices
5 Country Club Alexander 3.93
The best recreation centers in the Moscow region for fishing
1 OK – River 4.79 The most relaxing holiday
2 Okulova Zaimka 4.75 The most atmospheric interior
3 Eco hotel Berezovaya Roscha 4.50
4 Fisherix 4.40
5 Russian fishing 3.92 Best Fishing
The best bases of the Moscow region for active recreation
1 New Park 4.85 The most comfortable cottages
2 Geese-Swans bath resort 4.73 The best baths
3 Calypso 4.47 The best ratio of price and quality
4 Khutorok 4.44 The best choice of active entertainment
5 Cottage complex Spas Kamenka 4.37 The most successful diving base
The best bases of the Moscow region for family recreation
1 ForVidnoe 4.73 The best choice of entertainment. Most popular vacation spot
2 Recreation center Chaika 4.65 The most secluded getaway at an affordable price
3 Chalet-Hotel Taezhny Dachi 3.53
4 Recreation center Barefoot 4.39
5 Snegirek 4.10

The recreation centers near Moscow are distinguished by picturesque nature, tranquility that cannot be found in a huge city, modern services, friendly staff and entertainment programs for children and adults. Some places offer fishing and saunas, while others offer swimming pools and jet skis. Young couples, families with children and elderly parents, and noisy companies come to the recreation centers. The main thing is to choose the place where the necessary conditions are created.

There are a lot of options for recreation in the Moscow region, but not all have a good infrastructure and entertainment for tourists. The rating will help you make your choice, learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each recreation center. The best options offer not only swimming in the river and a picnic in nature, but also active entertainment: cycling on forest paths, hiking trips to scenic spots, outdoor sports activities. In short, modern recreation centers guarantee full recovery for everyone who is going to get away from the bustle of the city. In the land of ancient rivers and clear lakes, tourists can enjoy a wide range of entertainment in any season.

The best bases of the Moscow region for families with children

Still not knowing how to simply get pleasure from communicating with nature, children strive for vigorous activity. They need interesting activities, emotions, entertainment. Some recreation centers take care of their little guests, offering them special rooms with toys, attractions, trampolines, walks in zoos. Animators work for them, small safe pools are installed, master classes are held. This category of the rating includes the best bases in the Moscow Region for families with children of different ages.

Top 5.  Country Club Alexander

Rating (2020): 3.93

Taken into account 996 reviews from resources: Yandex.Maps, Otzovik, Google Maps, Zoon

  • Specifications
    • Site: alexanderclub.ru
    • Phone: +7 (925) 207-06-06
    • Room type: standard, studio, suite, suite, cottages
    • Room rates: from 5000 rubles.
    • Pool and SPA: yes
    • Private beach: yes
  • On the map

Alexander is a small recreation center with 12 houses on the territory, each of which has wireless Internet, air conditioning and the necessary accessories for a comfortable life. The club is located near a picturesque lake, part of which was fenced off under the beach. On the territory there are 3 restaurants with different cuisines, there is live music. Children can play on the playground and meet the animals at the zoo. Adults will love the sauna, fishing, swimming pool, karaoke bar, hammam and beauty salon. Visitors warn that music, fireworks and loud voices can be heard in the cabins during concerts and large events. The noise ends at 11 pm, you can ask the administrator to calm down a large company.

Pros and cons

  • Great for families with children, lots of fun, zoo
  • Private beach with fine, soft sand
  • Comfort of living, spacious rooms and cottages
  • Three restaurants with different cuisines for every taste
  • Good level of service, friendly staff
  • There are complaints about the work of waiters in restaurants
  • Vacationers consider the cost of accommodation and services to be too high

Top 4.  Holiday House Ershovo

Rating (2020): 3.97

404 reviews from resources taken into account : Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, Tripadvisor

  • NominationThe best prices“Ershovo” offers rooms at very affordable prices – from 2000 rubles. At other recreation centers, the cost of living is much higher.
  • Specifications
  • On the map

If you are planning a vacation with the whole family, together with children, as an option, you can consider the recreation center “Ershovo”. For guests of all ages, there are many opportunities for pastime. Parents can leave the child in the children’s room with toys and a labyrinth under the supervision of educators, while they themselves can ride a catamaran down the river, go to a huge pool, spa center or work out in the gym. Guests are invited to visit a modern cinema, fry meat in a barbecue meadow. The food in the restaurant is good, the food is organized according to the principle of a buffet, varied. Of the minuses – the premises, including the number of rooms, need repair.

Pros and cons

  • Affordable prices for accommodation, rooms from 2000 rubles
  • Huge pool, gym, spa center
  • Fun for toddlers, children’s playroom with toys and a labyrinth
  • Near the river, you can ride catamarans and boats
  • Varied, tasty and hearty food (buffet)
  • The state of the room fund, needs repair
  • Walk far from the parking lot to the building

Top 3.  Boyar estate

Rating (2020): 4.06

Taken into account 569 reviews from resources: Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, Tripadvisor, Booking

  • Specifications
    • Site: boyarskoe.com
    • Phone: +7 (495) 661-88-53
    • Room type: standard, suite, cottages
    • Room rates: from 3500 rubles.
    • Pool and SPA: yes
    • Private beach: no
  • On the map

A good place for families with children. The houses are comfortable enough to live in them even with a small child, there is enough entertainment for all ages. All together you can take a boat trip, visit a small local zoo, play all kinds of board games. Men can go fishing, women can go to the spa, and outdoor enthusiasts can play tennis or volleyball. The place is beautiful, green, well-groomed, the air is clean. The food in the restaurant is delicious but expensive. But here they can offer luxurious cakes, liqueurs, liqueurs and homemade fruit drinks. Only the road is a little upsetting – from the asphalt to the recreation center you need to drive on a bad dirt road for 400 meters.

Pros and cons

  • Fun for the whole family, boat trips, zoo
  • Children’s leisure, trampoline, board games, bicycles
  • There is fishing, men will not be bored
  • Polite, friendly and helpful staff
  • Picturesque place, clean, green area
  • Delicious but expensive food in the restaurant
  • Bad road directly to the recreation center

Top 2.  Watercolors

Rating (2020): 4.43

Taken into account 847 reviews from resources: Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, Tripadvisor, Booking

  • NominationThe best vacation for children of all agesFrom toddlers to teenagers, children of all ages will find interesting activities at the Akvareli recreation center – attractions, swimming pools, animation, many toys and discos.
  • Specifications
  • On the map

It is difficult to find a better place to stay with children of any age. A lot of entertainment is offered here for kids and teenagers – a club with a huge number of toys, a safe pool, playgrounds, attractions, animation, outdoor games, discos. Children of all ages will find something to do. Adults will not be bored either, and a lot of interesting things have been prepared for them – horseback riding, hunting and fishing, tennis, bowling, golf, shooting range, swimming pool, paintball. You don’t have to think about food, breakfast, lunch and dinner are already included in the price of accommodation, and the food in the restaurant is quite good. There are no serious complaints, but the guests believe that it is time to update some of the rooms and improve their soundproofing.

Pros and cons

  • All conditions for families with children, club, attractions, playgrounds, swimming pool
  • Lots of entertainment for adults, active and passive recreation
  • Polite, helpful staff, great service
  • Three meals a day included in the price
  • You can bring pets with you
  • Very poor soundproofing in the rooms
  • Some rooms, according to visitors, require renovation

Top 1.  Latchi Country Club

Rating (2020): 4.54

Taken into account 846 reviews from resources: Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, Otzovik, Zoon

  • NominationMost memorable territoryLatchi Country Club will be remembered by children for a long time. Its territory looks like a fairy-tale kingdom – there are even huts on chicken legs and upside-down houses.
  • Specifications
  • On the map

“Latchi” is one of the few recreation centers in the Moscow region focused on children’s recreation. There is a large Luna Park, Laser Tag, a rope town and many indoor and outdoor playgrounds on the territory. Adults are attracted by the large sauna, the opportunity to fish and crayfish, and the large 9D cinema. For lovers of delicious Russian food, there is a large restaurant where chefs prepare not only popular, but also original dishes. Visitors separately note the chopped baths of this recreation center. The hosts tried to preserve Russian traditions by inviting guests to familiarize themselves with old bathing customs. In general, this is a good place for active holidays with children and the opportunity to try new sports surrounded by unspoiled nature.

Pros and cons

  • Great place to relax with children, lots of fun
  • Very unusual and interesting area
  • Outdoor activities for adults
  • Huge number of rooms, comfortable living conditions
  • Buffet, delicious and varied food
  • High rates for accommodation and additional services

Comparison of characteristics of  Top 3 participants

Latchi Country Club Watercolors Boyar estate
Site: luchy.ru Site: akvareli-v.ru Site: boyarskoe.com
Phone: +7 (499) 350-72-87 Phone: +7 (901) 501-60-13 Phone: +7 (495) 661-88-53
Room type: standard, suite, cottages Room type: standard, deluxe, cottage Room type: standard, suite, cottages
Room rates: from 7000 rubles. Room rates: from 8000 rubles. Room rates: from 3500 rubles.
Pool and SPA: yes Pool and SPA: pool only Pool and SPA: yes
Private beach: no Private beach: no Private beach: no


The best recreation centers in the Moscow region for fishing

Fishing in itself promotes rest, relaxation and positive emotions. And if you combine it with comfort, then the weekend will be just wonderful. At many recreation centers, you can not only sit on the shore with a fishing rod, but also count on a guaranteed catch, and then give the fish to experienced chefs who will deliciously fry it or cook it in another way at your request. After such a great day, it will be pleasant to stretch out on a comfortable bed in a comfortable room. This rating category will help you determine the best fishing spot.

Top 5.  Russian fishing

Rating (2020): 3.92

Considered 309 reviews from resources: Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, Booking

  • NominationBest FishingIf you want to catch a really trophy and valuable fish, this is the best recreation center. In the local water bodies not only carp and silver carp are found, but also noble species – sterlet, sturgeon, trout.
  • Specifications
  • On the map

This place is perfect for people who like to fish in comfort. A wide variety of fish is found in the reservoirs – here you can catch carp, trout, sterlet and other species. The catch can be given to the employees of the base for cooking – they will clean it and roast it on coals. By the way, it is the cooking of the fish that visitors praise the most. There are comfortable gazebos on the shore of the pond. You can come to the recreation center just for a day to spend time with a fishing rod or rent a cottage, staying here with an overnight stay or for a few days. Many people praise the restaurant – the menu is varied, there are many delicious fish dishes, the price tag is democratic. Only the service and not the most well-groomed area leaves much to be desired.

Pros and cons

  • Great place to fish in comfort
  • You can come for a day or rent a cottage
  • Variety of fish – from carp to sturgeon
  • Nice restaurant, varied food at an affordable price
  • The caught fish can be given to the chef for cooking
  • Not the fastest service, poor service
  • Not too well-groomed area

Top 4.  Fisherix

Rating (2020): 4.40

Taken into account 831 reviews from resources: Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, Tripadvisor

  • Specifications
    • Website: fisherix.ru
    • Phone: +7 (495) 646-07-18
    • Room type: cottages
    • Room rates: from 3500 rubles
    • Pool and SPA: no
    • Private beach: no
  • On the map

Fisheriks occupies a huge territory, refined for visitors. In winter, there is an ice rink, ski and toboggan slopes. This complex is unique for its European cleanliness, neatness and landscape design. The recreation center cannot boast of active entertainment or large sports grounds, but it is an ideal place for a relaxing holiday. There is a smokehouse and a tandoor on the territory. Fishermen can rent boats and rigs. If a guest needs assistance, the staff can help arrange fishing trips. On the territory there are large and small houses for fun companies, families and couples. In general, the place has earned a lot of positive feedback from visitors, grateful for the opportunity to relax in nature in comfort.

Pros and cons

  • A great place to relax from the bustle of the city, quiet and peaceful
  • Large and comfortable cottages of different price categories
  • Unforgettable fishing, various fish and active biting
  • Huge, beautiful and well-groomed area, gazebos next to the pond
  • Visitors highly praise the smoke sauna
  • Recreation is focused on fishermen, children may not be interested
  • High prices, some visitors don’t like the cuisine

Top 3.  Eco hotel Berezovaya Roscha

Rating (2020): 4.50

Taken into account 122 reviews from the resources: Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, Tripadvisor

  • Specifications
    • Site: b-roscha.ru
    • Phone: +7 (903) 264-99-18
    • Room type: cottages
    • Room rates: from 4200 rubles.
    • Pool and SPA: pool only
    • Private beach: no
  • On the map

“Birch Grove” is located far from cities and noisy roads, occupying a large area in the Moscow region. Guests live in spacious houses made of natural wood, the interior is made in a cottage style. Inside there is a private sauna, which guests can use an unlimited number of times. For the convenience of the guests, there is a modern restaurant serving Russian and European cuisine. Breakfast is free and offers porridge, honey, pancakes and cheese cakes. Despite the fact that there is no active entertainment on the territory of the base, it is located not far from the Volen ski complex, the large Golf and Polo Club park and the Stepanovo complex, which offers to play football and volleyball, rent a bicycle and ATV, shoot bow or take a racket and go to the tennis court.

Pros and cons

  • A good place for quiet fishing, carp, crucian
  • Affordable prices, rent of a comfortable cottage from 4200 rubles
  • Inexpensive, simple, but tasty and satisfying food
  • Nice bath complex, equipped barbecue areas
  • Not the best quality water, gives off iron
  • Small area, little room for walking

Top 2.  Okulova Zaimka

Rating (2020): 4.75

Taken into account 145 reviews from resources: Yandex.Maps, Google Maps

  • NominationThe most atmospheric interiorAll buildings of this recreation center are made in the same old Russian style. Being here, you can feel yourself in a remote village of the past centuries, taste the dishes cooked in the Russian oven.
  • Specifications
  • On the map

Okulova Zaimka was built in the old Russian style, so it retained the feeling of an ancient courtyard. Guests live in huge huts and towers, where ancient traditions and modern comfort are imperceptibly combined. The interior is made taking into account the Russian way of life. On the territory there is a Russian bath, a restaurant and a banquet hall. The recreation center is located in an ecologically clean area, where guests relax in gazebos by the lake, rent a barbecue and cook freshly caught fish on the spot. Guests say that the service could be better: sometimes they forget to change towels and shampoo. Otherwise, “Okulova Zaimka” offers the best landscapes, excellent ecology and a comfortable overnight stay for a large company or a couple. Children can get bored.

Pros and cons

  • Beautiful nature and great fishing
  • Unusual interior design, in the old Russian style
  • Quiet place for lovers of a relaxing holiday
  • Real Russian cuisine, dishes are cooked in ovens
  • Not far from Moscow, only 50 kilometers
  • Children can get bored, no fun
  • A place for an amateur, for a measured rest
  • Not the highest level of service

Top 1.  OK – River

Rating (2020): 4.79

Taken into account 814 reviews from resources: Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, Tripadvisor, Booking

  • NominationThe most relaxing holidayThe recreation center offers spacious bungalows in a quiet and beautiful place. Two main advantages are parking right next to the house and free fishing.
  • Specifications
  • On the map

The recreation center “OK-Reka” is located in one of the most ecologically clean areas of the Moscow region, next to a river and a dense forest. Guests can play table tennis and visit the ski resort. On the territory of the base there are bicycle paths and fishing spots for active recreation. Visitors live in small bungalows for several people, each with an updated kitchen, shower room and basic furniture. Guests speak well of the staff of the recreation center, who is trying to create comfortable living conditions. They also note that it gets hot in the rooms during the summer months, and there are not enough floor fans for all tourists. This is smoothed out by the possibility of active rest during the day, which does not allow you to get bored in the house.

Pros and cons

  • Beautiful nature, large, clean, landscaped area
  • Comfortable bungalows equipped with everything you need
  • Free fishing, you can combine your vacation with your favorite hobby
  • Affordable prices with comfort and high level of service
  • Free parking right next to the bungalow
  • No swimming, no private beach
  • No restaurant, only breakfast served in the room

Comparison of characteristics of  Top 3 participants

OK – River Okulova Zaimka Eco hotel Berezovaya Roscha
Site: ok-reka.ru Site: zaimushka.ru Site: b-roscha.ru
Phone: +7 (903) 180-69-70 Phone: +7 (910) 013-00-17 Phone: +7 (903) 264-99-18
Room type: bungalow Room type: cottages Room type: cottages
Room rates: from 3500 rubles. Room rates: from 5000 rubles. Room rates: from 4200 rubles.
Pool and SPA: pool only Pool and SPA: no Pool and SPA: pool only
Private beach: no Private beach: yes Private beach: no


The best bases of the Moscow region for active recreation

Those who do not like to sit in one place will like recreation centers that offer opportunities for active pastime. It can be a game of paintball, billiards, bowling, horseback riding and even parachute jumping. Most of these bases have a gym, tennis, football and other sports grounds. And, of course, one of the most popular services is boat and catamaran trips, water skiing. You will definitely not be bored.

Top 5.  Cottage complex Spas Kamenka

Rating (2020): 4.37

Taken into account 159 reviews from resources: Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, Tripadvisor

  • NominationThe most successful diving baseAt this recreation center, you can go diving and underwater fishing without going far from Moscow. A sauna, fireplace and jacuzzi in each cottage will be a bonus!
  • Specifications
  • On the map

Spas Kamenka attracts guests with varied recreation. Here you can practice in diving clubs and fitness centers, rent skis and equipment in the winter season and try your hand at slopes of varying difficulty. The recreation center is located on the shore of a large lake near Moscow; in summer, guests can fish and swim in clean water. Guests celebrate a large number of entertainments on the territory of the complex. Regardless of the chosen type of rest, professional instructors will make sure that every visitor is safe. The only thing the reviews warn about are interruptions in hot water at any time of the year. In winter you can warm up in your own sauna, and in summer you can cool off in the lake.

Pros and cons

  • Great rooms – sauna, jacuzzi and fireplace in each cottage
  • Many opportunities for outdoor activities, diving, skiing
  • Very beautiful and well-groomed area
  • Excellent conditions for hunting, general and spear fishing
  • Nice beach with clear water and fine sand
  • There are interruptions in hot water, low pressure
  • Expensive additional services up to the use of the beach

Top 4.  Khutorok

Rating (2020): 4.44

Considered 337 reviews from resources: Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, Booking, Zoon

  • NominationThe best choice of active entertainmentFor seekers of new experiences, this recreation center is a heavenly place. Here you can learn to ride a horse, master parachute jumping, drive catamarans and find many other activities.
  • Specifications
  • On the map

It makes sense to go to this recreation center if you like active entertainment. Here you can play bowling, tennis or billiards, learn to ride and even fly an airplane and jump with a parachute. If you wish, you can go fishing on a rented boat or catamaran. In general, those who do not like to sit around will not be bored. Accommodation is offered in comfortable rooms and chalets, they have everything you need except a stove. Those who are used to making breakfast on their own complain about this. But there is a restaurant on the territory, and the food there is quite decent. There is a beach, but it is located far enough because of the distance from the water, and, judging by the reviews, it is not in the best condition.

Pros and cons

  • Many outdoor activities, including skydiving
  • Various entertainment – billiards, bowling, horse riding, tennis
  • Delicious cuisine, reminiscent of homemade
  • Cozy and comfortable houses with everything you need
  • There is a possibility of fishing from a boat or catamaran
  • Long distance from houses to water
  • There is no stove in the rooms and houses, you cannot cook breakfast
  • Not the best level of service, there are complaints from guests

Top 3.  Calypso

Rating (2020): 4.47

Considered 407 reviews from resources: Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, Booking

  • NominationThe best ratio of price and qualityWith the cost of cottages from 3000 rubles, living conditions here are quite comfortable. And a choice of guests is offered many additional services and entertainment.
  • Specifications
  • On the map

Fans of outdoor activities often praise Calypso. You can choose to stay in a comfortable house or in a camping area with your own or rented tent. Active entertainment includes paintball, frisbee, catamarans, tennis. On the territory there is a cafe where food is tasty and inexpensive, a bathhouse and a Siberian vat with medicinal herbs. All cabins and campsites are located on the river bank with a good beach and fishing opportunities. The place is beautiful, the territory is pleasant, well-groomed, the staff is quite friendly and helpful. In general, the rest will appeal to those who do not expect special comfort, luxurious restaurants and spas, but just want to relax a little in nature.

Pros and cons

  • Possibility of fishing with the rental of the necessary tackle
  • Active rest – paintball, catamarans, tennis, frisbee
  • Camping with the option of renting a spacious tent
  • Nice cafe on site, tasty and inexpensive
  • Quiet at night, no noise after 23.00
  • Cash payment, bank cards are not accepted

Top 2.  Geese-Swans bath resort

Rating (2020): 4.73

Taken into account 596 reviews from resources: Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, Tripadvisor

  • NominationThe best bathsLovers of a good bathhouse are definitely worth a visit here. Here, these services are provided in an astounding variety.
  • Specifications
  • On the map

An almost ideal place for those who want to combine active rest and relaxation in high-class baths. There is everything that your heart desires – Cleopatra’s bath, steam rooms with fonts, hot tubs, herbal baths, hamam. The art of bathing has been brought almost to perfection. The cost of an hour starts from 1200 rubles, the minimum duration is 3 hours. You can come here just to take a steam bath or stay for a couple of days, taking up active rest – water skiing, bicycles, skateboards and much more. On the territory there is a restaurant of Russian cuisine, which serves not the cheapest, but really delicious dishes. Accommodation is comfortable, nature is beautiful – there are many positive reviews.

Pros and cons

  • Luxurious bath complex, for every taste, at an affordable cost
  • Lots of active entertainment, water skiing, wakeboarding and more
  • Delicious Russian cuisine in the restaurant
  • Excellent living conditions, clean, cozy and comfortable
  • Beautiful nature, attentive attitude of employees
  • The cost of living with all services is high
  • Poor soundproofing in rooms

Top 1.  New Park

Rating (2020): 4.85

Considered 265 reviews from resources: Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, Booking

  • NominationThe most comfortable cottagesEach cottage has everything you need even for long stays. They are equipped not only with refrigerators, TVs, kettles, but also washing machines, dishwashers, stoves and much more.
  • Specifications
  • On the map

A wonderful place where you can relax away from the bustle of the city. An excellent level of service, comfortable houses with everything you need, including washing machines and dishwashers – you can come here even for a long time. Fans of outdoor activities will find many interesting activities – paintball, tennis, hiking to various attractions. The more relaxed will like long boat trips along certain routes, excursions to the reserve, the beach. There is a great playground for children. But you need to take into account that there is no restaurant here, you will have to cook yourself, the houses have everything you need for this – a refrigerator, stove, dishes.

Pros and cons

  • Unusual services, excursions to the reserve, boat routes
  • Active rest – paintball, tennis, walking tours
  • Quiet place, beautiful nature and clean air
  • Pets allowed
  • Excellent service level
  • No restaurant, you need to cook yourself

Comparison of characteristics of  Top 3 participants

New Park Geese-Swans bath resort Calypso
Website: novinkipark.ru Site: goosi-lebedi.ru Site: baza-mozhaisk.ru
Phone: +7 (915) 011-11-94 Phone: +7 (926) 225-22-59 Phone: +7 (926) 728-37-34
Room type: cottages Room type: standard rooms, cottages, camping Room type: cottages
Room rates: from 7000 rubles. Room rates: from 3400 rubles. Room rates: from 3000 rubles.
Pool and SPA: no Pool and SPA: yes Pool and SPA: no
Private beach: yes Private beach: yes Private beach: yes


The best bases of the Moscow region for family recreation

If you plan to relax with your family, then you will have to approach the choice of a place extremely carefully. It is necessary for everyone to find something to their liking. For men, it can be fishing, barbecue cooking, some active games. For women – a visit to the spa, various procedures. A child requires at least a playroom and playground. Well, some entertainment can be done together.

Top 5.  Snegirek

Rating (2020): 4.10

Taken into account 1181 reviews from resources: Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, Tripadvisor, Booking

  • Specifications
    • Website: eco-hotel.ru/snegirek
    • Phone: +7 (495) 175-81-85
    • Room type: standard, comfort, suite, hostel, duplex
    • Room rates: from 4100 rubles.
    • Pool and SPA: yes
    • Private beach: no
  • On the map

This recreation center is not only perfect for a family vacation, but also allows you to combine it with treatment. The hotel has a back rehabilitation center, where there are professional massage therapists, chiropractors and other specialists, various procedures are performed. Many guests praise the restaurant very much – the food there is tasty, satisfying and varied. You don’t have to get bored – there is a gym, billiards, spa center, tennis, yoga classes on the territory. If you wish, you can rent a barbecue area with everything you need to grill a barbecue. But vacationers sometimes complain about unsatisfactory service and poor cleaning in the rooms.

Pros and cons

  • Complete rest – SPA procedures, swimming pool, gym
  • Close location from Moscow, convenient to get there
  • Back rehabilitation center, combining rest and treatment
  • Delicious and varied food in the restaurant
  • Not boring, many different entertainment
  • Some vacationers complain about the dirt in the rooms
  • Insufficiently high level of service

Top 4.  Recreation center Barefoot

Rating (2020): 4.39

Considered 713 reviews from resources: Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, Tripadvisor, Booking, IRecommend

  • Specifications
    • Site: bosikom-istra.ru
    • Phone: +7 (495) 023-41-00
    • Room type: standard, family, cottages
    • Room rates: from 4500 rubles.
    • Pool and SPA: yes
    • Private beach: yes
  • On the map

A relatively new, but already quite popular recreation center, comfortably located on the banks of the Istra reservoir. The place is very good for family vacations – every family member will find something to do here. Men will be delighted by fishing in the reservoir, women by the beach and SPA procedures, children – by playgrounds and a club where various master classes and events are held. All together you can ride a boat, walk around the beautiful territory, grill a barbecue, relax in the gazebo. In a local restaurant, three meals a day are organized as a buffet. Home-style dishes are delicious, but not very varied. Vacationers have complaints only about the quality of service and poor soundproofing in the rooms.

Pros and cons

  • New and comfortable recreation center on the banks of the Istra reservoir
  • Great for families, there are activities for everyone
  • Three meals a day, buffet style, simple but delicious
  • Private beach, you can sunbathe, rent a boat
  • Beautiful nature, clean, well-groomed territory
  • Not the best service, doesn’t match the price of stay
  • The food is tasty enough but there is no variety
  • Good audibility in rooms, there is noise on the territory

Top 3.  Chalet-Hotel Taezhny Dachi

Rating (2020): 3.53

Taken into account 201 reviews from resources: Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, Tripadvisor

  • Specifications
    • Website: shalerus.com
    • Phone: +7 (925) 010-51-01
    • Room type: apartments, chalet houses
    • Room rates: from 4500 rubles.
    • Pool and SPA: yes
    • Private beach: no
  • On the map

Quiet and pleasant place for a secluded family holiday. There are fishing platforms, a sauna, a huge swimming pool, spa, bars and restaurants. A choice of Russian and European cuisine is provided, and fishermen can rent a barbecue and cook fresh fish from the nearby river. During the season, master classes are held on the territory of the base: painting, wood carving and pottery. If you book your lessons in advance, you can go to the falconry or fly in a hot air balloon. There are 2 saunas to choose from: black and white, as well as small saunas around the houses. Of the minuses, guests note the absence of many off-season activities, as well as the need to update and renovate some of the houses.

Pros and cons

  • Quiet and calm place, beautiful large area
  • Outdoor activities during the summer season
  • Excellent location, full outdoor recreation
  • Pets allowed
  • Unreasonably high prices, fees for all additional services
  • Tasty dishes in a restaurant at a fabulous price
  • There is no entertainment in the off-season, children will be bored
  • Not the most friendly and efficient staff
  • A lot of negative reviews, does not match the cost

Top 2.  Recreation center Chaika

Rating (2020): 4.65

Taken into account 86 reviews from resources: Yandex.Maps, Google Maps

  • NominationThe most secluded getaway at an affordable priceIt is worth coming here for contemplation of nature and relaxation of the soul. A large uncrowded area, the Oka river, beautiful landscapes, silence and comfortable houses – and all this at an affordable cost.
  • Specifications
  • On the map

Not everyone will like this recreation center in the Moscow region, but it will be appreciated by lovers of quiet and secluded relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are no active or any other entertainment here, only beautiful nature and a river. But the territory is large and very unusual. Sculptures of various fairy-tale characters are found throughout the square. Many in the reviews write that the restaurant and saunas are open only on weekends, but perhaps this rule only applies in the off-season, since this information is not available on the site of the recreation center. The houses are cozy, comfortable, equipped with everything you need. The disadvantage is the long descent to the river – 275 steps! But the prices are definitely pleasing – from 3000 rubles per day.

Pros and cons

  • Large territory, decorated with fairy-tale characters
  • Quiet rest, large cottages, not crowded
  • Located on the banks of the Oka River, beautiful nature
  • Ideal for a family holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city
  • Affordable prices, cottage cost from 3000 rubles
  • The restaurant is open only on weekends, you need to take everything with you
  • There is no entertainment on the territory, children will be bored
  • Very long descent to the river, difficult to climb

Top 1.  ForVidnoe

Rating (2020): 4.73

Taken into account 1579 reviews from resources: Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, Tripadvisor, Booking

  • NominationThe best choice of entertainmentBoth children and adults will find entertainment in ZaVidnoye. Laser tag, rope town, fishing, ATVs – and that’s not all.

    Most popular vacation spot

    Base ZaVidnoye received more than one and a half thousand responses from visitors, and most of them were positive. This is almost 400 more reviews than any other in our rating!

  • Specifications
  • On the map

Some visitors call this place a piece of paradise. It is really very beautiful and clean here – a well-groomed, ennobled territory, a neat pond with a large number of the most diverse fish. Gazebos, benches, paths – everything contributes to rest and relaxation. The cottages are spacious and comfortable, there are no complaints about food in the restaurant, the dishes are really tasty and sometimes unusual. There is plenty of entertainment – fishing, laser tag, a rope town, children’s ATVs, a zoo, master classes and much more. You will definitely not be bored. But it is worth preparing for serious financial costs – accommodation, food and all services are very expensive.

Pros and cons

  • Rest for the whole family – fishing, gazebos, laser tag, zoo
  • Fun for children, ATVs, rope town
  • Luxurious restaurant, delicious and varied cuisine
  • Comfortable cottages with everything you need to stay
  • Clean, beautiful and well-groomed area
  • Very high rates for accommodation and all services
  • The level of service does not correspond to the prices of the recreation center

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