2000 Pastors Pray for Governor of Umaha in Ebony State |

2000 Pastors Pray for Governor of Umaha in Ebony State |

More than 2,000 pastors have begun fasting and praying in Ebonyi for Governor David Nwese Umahi, Igbere TV reported.

IGBERE TV reported that the prayer was organized by the Ebony State Government due to the unsafe situation in the country.

IGBERE TV recalls that two soldiers were killed by unknown gunmen last week at a checkpoint in Ebonyi state.

Army officers were at a bus stop and searched a checkpoint in an area called Timber Junction, Afikpo Local Government Area in Ebonyi State, when gunmen in a white bus opened fire on them, killing two soldiers.

Private security personnel attached to a nearby gas station were also shot and injured.

Militants reportedly seized weapons belonging to the killed soldiers.

The attack panicked the two bustling cities of Amasiri and Afikpo as residents, especially small traders, hastily packed their goods and returned home.

Source: – Igbere TV

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