2021 Prophecies of the Apostle Ogochukwu Amaukwu

2021 Prophecies of the Apostle Ogochukwu Amaukwu

2021 Prophecies of the Apostle Dr. OGOCHUKWU T. AMAUKWU, President of Excellent Christian Ministry Int’l Inc., published and issued on October 22, 2020.

2021 is called the year of justice, Genesis 27:40.

1. Year of Justice. 2020 was the year of equity, but 2021 will be the year of equity.
2. Hidden secrets / evil must be revealed and exposed.
3. One year decision
4. A year in the valley
5. Year of rewards
6. One year for sentencing
7. The cry of many will be answered immediately.
8. Shocking surprises

9. The call for disintegration will be louder than ever.
10 A. Hope Comes to Church
10 B. I see Osinbanjo becoming president. I see the turn of the president’s chair, I see the deputy take power
11. Minor differences between the government of China and the government of Nigeria.
12. Many political cliques will not live to see 2023.
13. The Coming Revolution
14. Clash of cultists
15. New protests are coming, which may start the phase of the revolution.
16. The main sponsors of terrorism will be exposed, dishonored and convicted.
17. New gas explosions and tankers in Portharkour, Delta; Lagos is still unsafe …
18. Nigeria will become a center for investment in technology in medicine, roads, SMEs, healthcare, media and transport.
19. The beginning of the ascent of young people to prominent positions in education, technology, industry, media, small and medium-sized enterprises.
20. Growth in the number of young entrepreneurs in various fields.
21. God will resurrect Nehemiah and Esther, He will lift up His spirit for a time to bring about changes and reforms for the good of all.
22. Pray for northern Christians against arbitrary killings and abductions.
23. God is resurrecting true young preachers and prophets, evangelists who will begin the rise of a global revival from Africa.

24. In the near future, another block will appear – China.
25. Another conspiracy theory; Global warming versus global cooling; scientists versus scientists
26. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, fires and floods.
27. Coming Global Revival Soon
28. More attempts on the life of Donald Trump, but they will fail …
29. According to the home school, parents pay more attention to their children than they trust teachers.
30. Pray against the bloodshed in Angola after the conflict between two political leaders.
31. Protests and killings in Ghana, which can last up to several years.
32. Cooperative Republic of Guyana in South America Many deaths and killings.

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