21 years ago, by order of Putin, a missile strike was launched on a bazaar, a mosque and a maternity hospital in the capital of Chechnya

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On September 21, 1999, by order of Putin, Dzhokhar (Grozny) was attacked with Point U ballistic missiles.

A total of 5 missiles were fired. The blow was struck at the central market, the city maternity hospital and the mosque of the village of Maas (Kalinin).

As of the evening of September 21, 118 civilians were killed and over 400 injured, according to The Associated Press. The Chechen authorities reported 137 killed. Later, updated data were received. The total number of those killed exceeded 200 people. The number of wounded is from 400 to 600 people.

It should be noted that these are not exact figures, since many of the killed and wounded were taken to the villages by their relatives and the final number of civilians killed by Putin on this day could be much higher.

This is what Radio Liberty broadcast on the second day after the missile attack (22-10-99, Liberty Live program):

– Andrey BABITSKY: The blow to the Central Market of Grozny, that part of it, where they sell not food, but clothes, dishes, equipment and other things, found people at the end of the market day, when everyone after work is in a hurry to make the necessary purchases. We all visited the market this morning. … A whole block of stalls, booths and sheds was demolished by the explosion.

Peter WEIL (presenter): In other words, it was an ordinary collective farm market, as it was called before?

A. BABITSKY: Yes, this is an absolutely ordinary collective farm market, they sell food there, and where the rocket fell, they sold things.

We were at the General Staff building in the courtyard. And at this time two explosions thundered, after which we went down to the basement. The explosions thundered very close to us, literally 50-60 meters away, we were saved by the fact that the rockets fell from the outside of the building and actually hit the facade.

According to the head of the intensive care unit of the 9th city hospital in Grozny, only there

“… entered somewhere at 17: 15-17: 20 [учитывая разницу по времени с Москвой в один час – прим. сост.] about 65-70 people ”were wounded (NTV, Segodnya, 22.10.1999).

A. BABITSKY: We went to the 9th city hospital … and there we found a monstrous picture: blood-stained floors and a huge number of wounded. The wounded, killed, and dying people were brought up every second right before our eyes. Buses, minibuses, cars. The entire courtyard of the hospital was filled with cars with seriously wounded people who could not be brought into the hospital in time. I will say that I counted about thirty people, and it was not always clear who was just wounded and who was already dead.

Khasin Raduev: All the missiles exploded in the central part of the city, in the Central Market, the shopping arcade of which operates almost around the clock – 61 people died. In the mosque of the village of Kalinin during the hours of evening prayer, there were about 60 people. 41 died. One of the rockets exploded in the courtyard of the only working maternity hospital in Grozny. The victims were 13 women and 15 newborn babies.

Another 7 people died from shrapnel in the parking lot in front of the maternity hospital. There were many wounded near the Central Post Office, where several buses with passengers were in the parking lot at the time of the explosion.

The surviving witnesses describe what happened in the market area as follows:

Announcer: “The locals said they saw something exploding in the air.”

A resident of Grozny: “Three shells from there, three times, and as if it explodes in the air, and then these fragments fly. … I do not know, they seemed to explode in the air. ” (NTV, “Today”, 22.10.1999).

A resident of Grozny, Natalya ESTIMIROVA, at that time was getting on the bus of route 7 not far from the former post office building. Hearing the sound of an explosion from the direction of the hospital and seeing a brown cloud of brick dust creeping from there, passengers rushed to hide from the shelling in the ruins opposite the post office.

No sooner had they taken cover than new explosions thundered above them. The ruins survived, but those who were not protected from above by ceilings received multiple shrapnel wounds (Interview with N. Estimirova to M. Zamyatin and A. Cherkasov, Moscow, Memorial, 25.10.1999).

And here is what the Kremlin said after the massacre of civilians in the Chechen capital:

The head of the FSB Public Relations Center, Alexander ZDANOVICH, in an interview with Radio Rossiya, said that according to the FSB, “weapons, ammunition, and explosives were stored on the market. Moreover, the militants, believing that neither aircraft nor artillery would strike at the crowd of people, stored a large amount of ammunition there. Therefore, we do not exclude the possibility that a spontaneous detonation of ammunition could occur, leading to the death of people. “

In those days, the world was just getting to know the lies of the nascent Putin regime. Today, everyone in the West is whining and complaining about Kremlin propaganda and hybrid warfare, while Putin and his gangs were partners at the time.

The reports and data of the Chechen side about the crimes of the Kremlin were ignored, the news feeds of the Russian and world media were flooded with Putin’s lies. Today the world is reaping the fruits of its betrayal of the Chechen people, who found themselves face to face with the bloody Moscow monster.