24-year-old woman was exposed after she joined two other people to simulate her own kidnapping in Qar

24-year-old woman was exposed after she joined two other people to simulate her own kidnapping in Qar

A 24-year-old woman, Medinat Ibrahim, was arrested by the Qwara state police, according to the Nigerian Tribune.

The woman was caught after allegedly staging her own abduction with the connivance of two other people.

During a demonstration of three suspects in Ilorin on Wednesday, State Police Commissioner Mohammad Baghega, represented by the Public Relations Officer (PPRO) of the command Ajaya Okasanmi, said that Medinat had conspired with his older sister Amudalat Wahab and Hammed Lekan orchestrated his kidnapping.

The police commissioner, who said that Nurudin Sholagberu had reported the abduction of Medinat in the Oko-Olovo Ilorin area through the emergency line of the command, added that a bank account belonging to Hammed Lekan was open. were used to obtain a ransom of N250,000. e.

The Commissioner noted that during interrogation, the aforementioned Medinat Ibrahim confessed to staging her own abduction in order to allow her to receive money from her father.

During an interview with reporters, Medinat said that she decided to simulate her own abduction in order to receive money to compensate for the debts that arose during the COVID-19 blockade.

He said his business had collapsed, adding that the private school where he taught as a teacher hadn’t paid him a salary for months.

Medinat Ibrahim also attributed her plight to being mistreated by her stepmother after losing her mother.

“On 02/01/2021, around 1750, information was received from Nurudin to Solagberu ‘m’ from the Oko-Olovo region, Ilorin via the emergency telephone line of the Command, according to which Ibrahim Medinat ‘f’, by Olude Oke – Fomo Ilorin region was kidnapped by unknown persons persons. On the basis of the information, the applicant was asked to submit an official report to the Oloe police station, which has jurisdiction over the area.

“A preliminary investigation uncovered a conspiracy theory, so Police Commissioner Mohammed Laval Baghega, Chief Executive Officer, ordered the newly created anti-kidnapping state to take control of the investigation.

“However, the investigation revealed that the aforementioned Medinat Ibrahim ‘f’ colluded with Amudalat Wahab ‘f’ her older sister to organize her abduction and GTB No. The number 0116404467, owned by Hammed Lekan, was used to collect a ransom of £ 250,000 from Medinat’s father Ibrahim.

“The suspect later admitted that she needed money for something, so she came up with a fake kidnapping. All suspects were arrested, the artifact was found, and one case is under investigation.

“In line with the position of the police commissioner, which will be different from the usual, criminals are again warned to pack their bags and leave Kwara, as the command will stop at nothing to deal with any arrested criminal. no matter how high or low they rank, ”he said.

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