25 modern rules of wedding etiquette

What are the rules when preparing for a wedding?

1. Having received an offer, first tell your loved ones about the upcoming wedding, and then post the photo with the ring on social networks. Not the other way around!

2. Introduce parents to each other before the celebration.

3. When planning the date of the holiday, remember that a wedding is considered good form, for which you do not need to take a day off from work or go to the office the next day. Better to choose Saturday or at least Friday.

4. When making a list of guests for a wedding , remember that it is customary to invite the non-free with the couple.

5. When inviting a guest with a companion / companion, find out the name and write it in the invitation. The “+1” wording is not entirely polite, try not to use it.

6. According to the rules of wedding etiquette, families are invited to the celebration with their children.

7. If some guests come from another city or country, it is customary to help them with hotel accommodation.

8. Do not invite guests to a bachelorette or bachelor party who are not invited to the wedding itself.

9. If the bridesmaids or friends of the groom have to come in dresses of a certain design or color, then according to the rules of wedding etiquette, you pay for them. Not everyone can afford a dress code that suits your needs, so young people should bear such costs.

10. Do not be indignant or offended if someone cannot come. Circumstances are different, you should not spoil relations with dear people because of them.

Celebration etiquette rules

11. Do not make guests wait for hours while you have a photo session during a walk or before a banquet – this is impolite. Arrange a photo session in the morning or another day.

12. Chat with each guest for at least 5 minutes. Avoid a situation where someone doesn’t get your attention all day.

13. If you are a guest, do not wear a white or light beige dress so as not to visually compete with the bride. This rule of wedding etiquette seems outdated, but there is nothing more frustrating for most brides than seeing other girls in white on this day.

14. If you invite parents with children and children at the party more than 3, call the animator and provide the little ones with an activity in the sight of the parents.

Wedding etiquette rules during a banquet

15. If possible, place the parents of young people at the same table to “unite” your families.

16. Do not make a “table of singles”, where only those who are now alone will sit. While it sounds like a good idea to put everyone together and help meet people, it’s actually quite rude and makes people feel uncomfortable.

17. It is customary to seat divorced spouses with bad relationships in different ends of the hall.

18. Older people are best placed next to those they already know.

19. If the invitees include people with chronic illnesses affecting their diet, or those who deliberately refuse certain foods (eg vegetarians), make sure they find meals that are consistent with their diet.

20. Do not collect money “for a boy”, “for a girl” and other strange reasons. Collecting money from guests has long been considered bad form.

21. During the banquet, raise a toast to your parents and tell them kind words from the bottom of your heart – this will be a warm and expensive gift for them .

Rules of wedding etiquette in relations with contractors

22. Make sure to set aside a separate table for those who work at the wedding and feed them.

23. Thank the contractors after the wedding, don’t let them leave without a kind word.

24. If you like someone else’s work, write a good review. This gesture may seem insignificant to you, but it is important for wedding professionals – good reviews help to find new clients (just as cool as you!)

25. The last rule is – don’t be selfish. Yes, this is your day and the focus is on you, but remember that there are close people around. Some of them may feel bad, while others will experience personal drama. Even today, remain considerate of others.

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