30 suspects arrested for ransacking Yos’ home in Dogar

Posted by on Oct 26, 2020, Under: News

30 suspects arrested for ransacking Yos’ home in Dogar

A special military group arrested 30 suspects for vandalism and looting of valuables at the residence of the former Speaker of the House of Representatives Jos de Yacubu Dogara.

Task Force Commander Major. General Chukwuemeka Okonkwo presented his suspicions to reporters on Sunday in Jos.

Okonkwo, who called the crime criminal, said the suspects violated a 24-hour curfew imposed by the government in parts of the state.

He said the crime suspects who broke into the deputy’s house on Sunday were arrested by members of the task force.

“These suspects, 13 men and 17 women, were arrested today as they ransacked the home of former House Speaker Yakub Dogar in Lamingo, Jos State.

“This is purely a crime; vandalism and looting of public and private property is a crime.

“So, we cannot sit back and watch as criminals plunder state and private property in the state,” he said.

The commander said the suspects would be transferred to the prosecutor’s office.

The Nigeria News Agency (NAN) reports that the items found by the suspects included eight grinders, two disassembled tricycles, a tricycle engine and a bale of clothes.

NAN also says the task force has previously arrested 123 suspects of vandalism and looting from private companies and government property in Jos.