35 best bachelorette party ideas before your wedding

What to do when collecting girlfriends for a bachelorette party? Go to a cafe? Walking around the city together with a photographer? Rent a table at a bar or karaoke? If this sounds boring and uninspiring, you’ve come to the right place – we’ve rounded up 35 of the best bachelorette party ideas for your wedding.

  1. Picnic. Let’s start with what you can do in the warm season – a fun picnic in the park or in nature. Dress in summer dresses, take a camera, blankets and champagne with food in wicker baskets. When planning your menu, take something that will not “float” in the heat – fruits and berries, vegetables, hard cheese, sandwiches without mayonnaise, cookies, cakes without chocolate and a lot of cream.
  2. Country weekend. Do you have a summer residence? Go on it and spend a couple of days together swimming in the river, sunbathing on the grass, making cold cocktails and grilling fish.
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  3. Rooftop party. This is a chic idea for a city bachelorette party before a wedding in the summer, just imagine: a pink sunset, cold drinks in glasses, groovy music and the whole city in front of you in the palm of your hand! Let us mention that you should not forget about the safety rules, going only to those roofs where it is allowed to be and the possibility of an accidental fall is excluded.
  4. Pool party. Spend a day with your friends swimming in the rented pool, sunbathing and eating fruit and cakes!
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  5. Sports bachelorette party. If yoga seems too relaxed and you want movement, choose a sport that everyone will enjoy doing: tennis, climbing gym, wakeboarding. Just do not forget to consult with the invitees, maybe someone is recovering from an injury, cannot swim or is afraid of heights.
  6. Skydiving. This option is for the brave – why not do what you have dreamed of for a long time? It is important not to force anyone to join you; such an event should be voluntary.
  7. Wine tests. If you don’t want to move a lot, go for a wine tasting – a good mood is guaranteed!
  8. Coffee tasting. Yes, there are some. Surely you and your friends love coffee, so you will be happy to listen to a professional’s story about the types of drink and learn the secrets of proper brewing.
  9. Yoga day. Do you like yoga? Invite an instructor and arrange a class in a nearby park.
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  10. Culinary master class. Idea for a bachelorette party before the wedding, which will suit any company, because you can choose the cuisine and dishes. If you don’t feel like repeating after the teacher, arrange an impromptu class at home, let each one show how to cook her favorite dish.
  11. Creative master class. If the idea of ​​standing at the stove is not tempting, but you want to study, go to a lesson in pottery, floristry, drawing – choose what you like!
  12. Quest in reality. Make your brains work by going to one of the quests in reality. It’s fun and guarantees a good mood for the participants.
  13. Quest around the city. Why sit indoors when you can spend the day outside solving riddles? Arrange an exciting quest around your hometown, asking for help in organizing from friends or companies engaged in such entertainment.
  14. Tour. Find out more about where you live with a guided sightseeing walk or a ride through the streets on a double-decker tourist bus.
  15. Amusement park. A bachelorette party idea that many people forget about is a trip to a local amusement park. It may seem that this is no longer in age, but everyone will like to ride the carousel, eat cotton candy and look at each other in distorting mirrors.
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  16. Dinner is great. Have a glamorous evening at a chic restaurant in the tallest building in town. And be sure to wear beautiful dresses!
  17. Dancing until the morning. Clubs with good music have not been canceled, why not go to a dance marathon for the whole night?
  18. SPA day. Go to the SPA with your friends, choosing the treatments you dreamed of. It is so pleasant to bask while you are being massaged, rubbed with scrubs and creams, and then go swimming in the pool.
  19. Consulting a stylist-image maker. Have a real stylish bachelorette party by inviting an image maker. A professional will tell each of you about the colors and silhouettes that suit her, clearly demonstrating this with examples.
  20. Gentle bachelorette party. Will require careful organization, but the results will be worth it. Ask your decorator to create a pastel bachelorette party area bursting with flowers. Order some mind-blowing cakes. Arrange buckets of ice and soft drinks. And, of course, invite a photographer to capture it all.
  21. Photo session in the studio. A proven idea for a bachelorette party before the wedding is a studio photo session with a photographer, makeup artist and stylist who will create suitable images for friends. A nice bonus – everyone will have professional shots that will always come in handy.
  22. Bachelorette party in the movie style. Throw a party in the style of your favorite movie, be sure to watch it.
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  23. Eco-friendly bachelorette party. Sorting trash, asking for takeaway coffee in your mug and cutting back on consumption? Help your friends take this path by organizing activities that will benefit nature. For example, clean up the nearest park or on the lake shore, and let the reusable mugs become gifts for the girls. By the way, other gift ideas can be found in this collection.
  24. Charity bachelorette party. Ecology is not attractive, but you want to be useful? Think about charity and how you can help vulnerable people (lonely old people, orphans) in your city.
  25. Hello School! Have a 90s or 2000s bachelorette party during your high school years. The clothes and music of that time, your favorite dishes and lots of photos are the best recipe for such an event.
  26. Hike. If you are not timid and like to sleep in a tent, invite your guests to go on a real hike for a few days. Yes, you need to prepare for this more carefully than for dinner in a restaurant, but there will be many memories as well.
  27. A dream in a summer night. Invite everyone to a fairy tale by having a night full of fantasies! Let the decorators create a magical forest with twinkling lanterns, exotic flowers and magical trees. Guests can dress up as fairies, elves, or whatever mythical creatures they like.
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  28. Paris, Paris! A popular idea for a bachelorette party before a wedding is a city-style party. French music and cuisine, pasta cakes and everything that reminds of Paris … Invite professional mimes, they will help create the atmosphere.
  29. A trip to another country. If possible, you can not bring Paris to you, but go to it yourself … or to another city. Even small trips remain in our hearts for life.
  30. Beach party. If you live by the sea or are planning a bachelorette party, throw a beach party before sunset, ending with a candlelit dinner under the stars and the sound of the waves.
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  31. Walking on a yacht. Another idea for the sea or a large reservoir, if there is one near you, is to arrange a yacht trip. Just make sure that the invitees do not have seasickness, otherwise the event will turn into torment for them.
  32. Pajama party. Invite your friends home by inviting them to wear the prettiest pajamas (or giving each new one). Listen to music, watch a movie, have dinner – just have a good time together!
  33. Chat. A soulful idea for a bachelorette party before the wedding at home is to sit and chat with each other over dinner and a glass of wine.
  34. Online bachelorette party. Times have changed, so the idea of ​​an online bachelorette party on Zoom doesn’t seem so wild anymore. Maybe this is your option?
  35. Bachelorette party + bachelor party. Some couples have a joint party for the bride and groom’s friends. This usually happens if friends are common or, conversely, there is a desire to introduce friends so that there is no alienation between them at the wedding.

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