428 federal agencies will have a hard time paying salaries until the end of November

Budget bureau general director Ben Acabuese said some 428 government agencies will struggle to pay their workers’ wages by the end of November.

Acabuese, who sounded the alarm when he appeared before the Senate Public Accounts Committee on November 10, blamed the development of a new minimum wage that was introduced among federal employees in January this year. He said that since the introduction of the new minimum wage, most agencies have had difficulty paying their employees over the past 10 months.

However, he assured the commission that the government would have a hand in voting at the service level to address the wage shortage of affected workers in the aforementioned parastatals.

“428 agencies will not be able to pay salaries until the end of November. We will have to vote on the service level to address the short-term drop in workers’ wages, ”Acabuese said.

Source: – Lindaikejisblog

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