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5 best manufacturers of corrugated board

1 GRAND LINE The fastest growing branded retail network on the market
2 Neva Steel High quality raw materials
3 Pokroff Factory Finnish rental technology. Domestic and imported raw materials
4 UZKM (Ural Roofing Materials Plant) Better product geometry accuracy. Strict production control
5 Metal Profile The largest manufacturer. Exclusive range of coatings

Finding an inexpensive, but good decking from a domestic manufacturer can be problematic. It’s all about the large number of companies that present their products on the market for this cheap building material.

To choose high-quality sheets for roofing or fences in the budget price segment, it is necessary to take into account not only the suppliers of galvanized steel, but also the equipment on which the manufacturer works.

Our review presents the best companies that produce, among other things, corrugated board. When compiling the rating, not only the production capabilities of the participants were taken into account, but also the representation on the market, the range and quality of the materials produced. Also influenced by the assessments of consumers who are not by hearsay familiar with the quality of profiled sheets from these manufacturers.

TOP 5 best manufacturers of corrugated board

5. Metal Profile

The largest manufacturer. Exclusive range of coatings
Country: Russia
Rating (2020): 4.8

Metal Profile is represented by 18 factories in different cities of the CIS that produce thin sheet wall and roofing materials for fences, roofs, metal tiles, profiled sheets, etc. Since 2011, according to Forbes magazine, the manufacturer has been included in the “200 largest non-public companies” rating. It produces, among other things, products that have no analogues on the Russian market – exclusive coatings PURETAN, PURMAN and others.

The budget corrugated board of this manufacturer is available in various sizes and in a wide color palette. The assortment includes sandwich panels, steel cladding, structures for ventilated facades, metal tiles, drainage systems.

Our own laboratory and a staff of engineers allow us to regularly release new products and offer an extended warranty of up to 50 years.

4. UZKM (Ural Roofing Materials Plant)

Better product geometry accuracy. Strict production control
Country: Russia
Rating (2020): 4.8

The manufacturer of UZKM produces various types of galvanized corrugated board, including those coated with polymeric materials (pural, polyester, plastisol). The production uses only raw materials from the domestic metallurgy, at all stages strict control of specialists is carried out. Modern equipment makes it possible to produce roofing materials with the correct geometry and individual dimensions.

The key advantage of the products of this company is good quality with cheap sheets. The budget material is durable, resistant to the external environment and mechanical stress.

Aesthetic properties and the use of various sheet coating technologies, for example, applying a matte layer with a velvet effect, can improve the aesthetics of buildings and structures.

3. Pokroff Factory

Finnish rental technology. Domestic and imported raw materials
Country: Russia
Rating (2020): 4.9

Roofing manufacturer Pokroff is one of the largest manufacturers in Russia, engaged in the production of wall and roofing materials for the construction of fences, roofing, and wall cladding. For more than 20 years, the company has been manufacturing and selling products, carrying out strict quality control at all stages of production. The factories are located in 5 cities, which significantly expands the sales market.

Raw materials from the Severstal plant are used for the manufacture of cheap corrugated board. Finnish technology is used when rolling sheet material from European manufacturers.

The company produces budget material that is perfectly applicable in suburban and cottage construction. Galvanized or polyester-coated sheets of this company are distinguished by a long service life (more than 15 years), low weight, ease of storage and transportation, as well as the possibility of long-term operation in aggressive environments.

2. Neva Steel

High quality raw materials
Country: Russia
Rating (2020): 4.9

Firm “Neva Stal” is a Russian manufacturer of corrugated board and metal tiles, which has been operating for over 20 years. Among the features of the production of roofing materials are the use of high-quality coiled steel ArcelorMittal, Corus, Zalzgitter, Ruukki and a large selection of polymer coatings, thanks to which the range includes not only classic samples, but also decorated with wood, aged copper, natural stone.

The line includes three types of corrugated board for roofs, fences, fences – load-bearing, roofing and wall in different shades. Stiffening ribs allow each of them to withstand mechanical stress, while the sheets themselves weigh a little, which facilitates transportation, unloading, loading and installation. Inexpensive material reduces construction costs by almost 20%.


The fastest growing branded retail network on the market
Country: Russia
Rating (2020): 5.0

The Grand Line firm manufactures its products at 9 factories located throughout Russia. Thanks to its own laboratory and the use of modern technologies for the production of roofing materials, the company provides a guarantee for products up to 50 years. In just 10 years of work in the domestic and European markets, 55 branded points of sale have been opened.

Roofing, load-bearing or wall corrugated board from this manufacturer is used in the construction of external fences (fences), roofing, as a building material for prefabricated buildings, wall cladding and installation of ceilings.

The company manufactures not only cheap galvanized sheets, but also uses polymer coating technologies that increase not only the durability of the material, but also its aesthetic appearance. The line of this manufacturer also includes a wide range of PVC products.

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