5 most reliable refrigerator companies

Often, purchasing a fairly expensive model and counting on a long service life, the user is faced with breakdowns. Moreover, sometimes they are so serious that repairs result in a round sum.

After analyzing the reviews left at least a year after the purchase of the equipment, we selected only a few brands. And now we invite you to familiarize yourself with the rating of the most reliable refrigerator companies.

Top 5 most reliable refrigerator companies

5. Pozis

The Russian brand Pozis is very well known to users, as it offers quality refrigerators at an affordable price. All production facilities are located in Tatarstan, not a single model is assembled in China.

The reliability of most of the company’s equipment is given by the simplicity of the design – in fact, there is especially nothing to break in it, since there is no complex electronics in the composition. It is these refrigerators that usually serve faithfully for many years.

All this is confirmed by user reviews. In some of them you can find information that old models work for 10 years or longer, and then continue to work in dachas solely because of the loss of their attractive appearance. Or replacements with a more modern and functional device. There is only one drawback here – the appearance and a set of options may not suit especially demanding buyers.

4. Siemens

The German company that produces large household appliances has long been known to users and over the years has established itself well among buyers. True, at the moment the assortment is not too wide, but the reliability is at a high level. This can be understood from the numerous reviews of users who have been using brand refrigerators for several years and have not yet encountered serious breakdowns.

The manufacturer offers classic models and Side by Side in the mid-price segment and premium class. But, as the reviews have shown, expensive models do not always indicate the best reliability. Sometimes the best impression among customers is about refrigerators in the middle price segment. It cannot do without claims, but more often they refer to some design features, flaws. In general, information about quick breakdowns is not very common.

3. Liebherr

A feature of the German company Liebherr is that at the moment it produces only refrigerators and freezers from household appliances. Most of the models belong to the premium segment, all the details in them are thought out and worked out to the smallest detail. Another (main) field of activity of the manufacturer is construction and other heavy equipment, as well as aircraft components. So you can assume the reliability of refrigerators without even reading reviews.

But we did not draw subjective conclusions and still looked into the comments of users. The bottom line – a lot depends on the model, as with any other firm. The sensitive spot is mainly electronics, but it also rarely breaks. Complaints are more common for models made in Russia and China. German, Austrian assembly is usually no complaints. So, if you want reliability, when buying, you should pay special attention to this point.

2. Bosch

Refrigerators of the German company Bosch belong to the middle price segment, but at the same time they can boast of exceptional reliability, so they are especially popular with Russian buyers. The brand is very old, tested not just over the years, but over decades. The company’s production facilities are scattered throughout the world. For example, free-standing two-compartment refrigerators are manufactured in Russia, all built-in and single-compartment models are produced only in Germany.

In reviews, buyers often cite reliability as one of the best features. This is especially noticeable in the comments on old models released several years ago. Many people write about the excellent build quality, good quality of materials. Information about breakdowns is extremely rare. If something goes wrong, then it is a thermostat, some kind of fittings. All this is easily fixable.

1. Miele

A well-known manufacturer of high-quality premium refrigerators pays attention to every detail, which is why its equipment has increased reliability. In the reviews of the owners of models of this brand, there is no information about even minor breakdowns. Typically, Miele refrigerators serve faithfully for many years. An additional plus is a fairly wide range of models, the use of the best modern technologies and our own developments.

The German company has existed for over a hundred years and currently has eight factories in Germany. Additional production facilities are located in the Czech Republic, Austria, Romania and China. Representative offices are scattered in 47 countries, including Russia. Therefore, even if some part fails, there will be no problems with repair. As a premium manufacturer, Miele values ​​its reputation. Perhaps this is partly due to the reliability of her refrigerators.


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