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60 cool entertainment ideas for wedding guests

The most frequent question that our editors receive from brides is what to do with the invitees, except for competitions from the presenter? Coming up with worthwhile activities is really difficult, so we have collected for you as many as 60 entertainment ideas for guests at the wedding. We are sure that each couple will find among them suitable for the holiday.

Spectacular entertainment for your guests

1. Slideshow or film with a story about young people.

2. Wedding flash mob.

3. A mini awards ceremony where you can pay tribute to your parents, close friends and everyone who is dear to your couple.

4. Performances of those who wish with songs, poems, etc.

5. Thematic photo zone.

6. Photo booth.

7. Performance of a cover band.

8. Karaoke.

9. Performance by popular performers or groups.

10. Stand-up show.

11. Singing waiters are a great surprise for guests, because the waiters start the show when no one expects it.

12. Performance by a magician.

13. A small concert on the harp.

14. Dance performance of artists.

15. Speech by synchronized swimmers.

16. Show of mimes.

17. Circus show.

18. Light show.

19. Sand show.

20. Show of acrobats.

21. Soap bubble show.

22. Open air cinema.

23. Release of pigeons – this is often done at registry offices, but who prevents the ceremony from being held during the exchange of vows?

24. Release of tropical butterflies.

Active entertainment for wedding guests

25. Petanque.

26. Tug of war. Team of the bride and groom – why not?

27. Table tennis.

28. Table hockey or football.

29. Wedding quest.

30. DJ set.

31. Disco – dancing to all your favorite hits .

32. Dance battle.

33. Dance master class.


Quiet entertainment for wedding guests

34. An artist who will paint a picture of your wedding ceremony.

36. Cartoonist who will create portraits of guests in a comic style.

37. Wine tasting.

38. A table with a fortuneteller predicting the future.

Lucy Munoz Photography

39. Mini-cameras for guests, on which they themselves will take photos and videos from your wedding – all that remains is to put everything together.

40. Lounge area with board games.

41. Giant jenga.

42. Giant chess.

43. Master class on floristry, creating cozy things for the home, etc.

44. DIY cocktail bar where guests can make their own cocktails according to pre-prepared recipes and ingredients.

45. Ice cream booth.

46. Delicious table (sweet, cheese, fruit, tea, etc.)

47. Beauty Corner – a place where those who wish can do an interesting make-up and hairstyle or correct the image.

48. Tattoo bar with temporary or henna tattoos.

49. Traditional book of wishes.

50. Video book of wishes (guests shoot a video with wishes in a specially equipped area).

Lilly Red Creative

Entertainment for children

51. Animator for children – this may be the only thing you organize for children, because then he will come up with everything else.

52. Trampoline.

53. Fishing – catching with special fishing rods / long-handled nets for fish and toys in the pool.

54. Show with balloons.

55. Face painting.

56. Children’s quest – treasure hunt on a real pirate map.

57. Tables with coloring books and drawing supplies.


Ideas to end your wedding day

58. Launching floating candles into the reservoir on the site is a kind of replacement for Chinese lanterns flying in the sky, which can be a fire hazard.

59. Fire show.

60. Enchanting salute.


The title photo is Cinzia Bruschini .

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