69 people killed during #EndSARS protests – Buhari

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69 people killed during #EndSARS protests – Buhari

69 people killed during #EndSARS protests – Buhari

President Bukhari reportedly said 69 people were killed during the #EndSARS protests across the country.

The BBC reported that the President of Nigeria announced this during a virtual meeting with former leaders and chiefs of the security forces on Friday 23 October. According to him, 51 civilians, 11 policemen and seven soldiers were killed during the riots.

In a statement released by Femi Adesina, Bukhari said the killing was the result of “a sincere and well-meaning young people’s initial protest that was hijacked and misdirected.”

It also became known that the President of Nigeria, who announced that his administration would not allow attackers and criminals to continue hooliganism in the country, accused the protesters of refusing to cancel the protest, despite their demands.

The statement was read;

“Unfortunately, the protesters refused to cancel the protest and involve the government in considering their complaints. Instead, they got excited and gradually began to resort to violence.

“We will also continue to protect freedom, as well as the fundamental rights of all citizens. Here I also want to reaffirm our commitment to preserving the unity of this country.

“The President thanked the former heads of state for attending the meeting and for their valuable comments, observations and advice, adding that“ Nigerians expect no less from responsible statesmen. ”

“Each of the former leaders thanked President Bukhari for the steps he has taken so far to restore calm and order to the country, and hailed Thursday’s presidential broadcast as detailed and encouraging for the country.

“Former heads of state were unanimous in the view that job creation and economic growth, including through foreign direct investment, were necessary to contain young people’s concerns.

“The former heads of state also condemned the provocative and inflammatory statements of the separatists and were of the opinion that such actions should be stopped.

Likewise, former leaders praised the actions taken by the governors in response to the demands of the ENDSARS protesters and their efforts to contain the excesses of those who committed violent acts and behavior.

“Finally, they encouraged young people to use peaceful methods, seeking redress through engagement with the government, and encouraged further conversations with young people and other stakeholders in the country.”