7 wonders of the mysterious city of Oyo

7 wonders of the mysterious city of Oyo

This small town is home to a fascinating history and tourist attractions.

Ado Euey has been gaining media attention for some time after it was discovered to be the only other suspended lake in the world.
Steeped in history and culture, Ado Euey is fast becoming a tourist paradise. From education to mountains and plains, everything in a small town in Oyo state is a miracle.

According to Atabo, an adventurer who visited Ado-Avai to learn about its history, the city was founded in AD 1500.

Crown Prince Oyo Koyi’s Alaafin, who was to become an Alaafin, was rejected and his younger brother, Onigbogi, took his place.

In anger, he left Oyo with one of his father’s crowns and decided to settle in Ott, his mother’s city. However, he crossed the plains until he came to the foot of Ado’s Hill, where he saw smoke.

He climbed the mountain and met the fugitives from the Dahomey war there. After agreeing and discussing with them, they decided to make him the King of Ado.

In this article, we will highlight the tourist attractions that make Ado Eway a real wonder.

  1. Lake Iyake
    Lake Iyake is the only recognized hanging lake in Africa, one of only two in the world after the hanging lake in Colorado. It has been named one of the interesting places to visit in Nigeria as well as one of the Seven Wonders of Nigeria. It is said to be bottomless and engulfed those who tried to measure its depth.

Until today, those who enter the lake never leave it. He is considered the main fertility god of the Mountain.

The villagers believe that under the lake there is another world, similar to the earth, and anyone who enters this world by diving into the lake will never be able to return to our world again.

  1. Agbómofúnyàké
    Agbómofúnyàké literally means “picks up the child and gives the iyake.” This little hole is right by Lake Iyake. It is believed that whenever there is water in the pit, anyone who puts a foot in it is dragged to the bottom of Lake Iyake.
  2. Lake Zhya-Alaro
    It is also one of the many lakes on the mountain. The lake is named after an elderly woman from the village of Ado-Avaye who specializes in dyeing clothes.

The old woman known as “Iya Alaro” is said to adore lakes and sacrifices at certain times throughout the year.

The lake has a bleak depth that underlines its connection with Oia Alaro, and its surface and environment are adorned with lush, colorful vegetation.

  1. Oke Ishage (Rock Ishage)
    Isage Rock brings rain to the inhabitants of Ado-Avei. It is a large, oblong stone boulder, balanced and standing on one of its small edges.

The fact that this boulder did not fall from the steep side of the mountain on which it stands remains a mystery to the residents of Ado Auey and tourists visiting the mountain.

When it is not raining and there is a need for rain, the high priest goes to the rock, covers the “belt” of the rock with a white cloth, then it rains for 3-4 days in a row.

  1. Ese Avon Agba
    Esè àwon Àgbà translates to “the imprint of the elderly”. This is a group of large “footprints” found all over the mountain. It is believed that the gods once walked the mountain to protect the locals while they stayed on the mountain.
  2. Elephant tree
    It consists of a tangled trunk or root of a fallen tree that abruptly takes the shape of an elephant’s head and trunk.

The elephant’s eyes are also well represented in the formation. Mountain hikers are often tempted to climb the mountain and sit on the “elephant’s head” while posing for photographs.

  1. Ese kan Aye Ese kan Erun
    It is a wide and deep abyss on the mountain that separates one side of the mountain from the other, where the top of the mountain is.

Only brave climbers dare to cross this valley, as the rock hangs steeply over the walls of the valley. Only a narrow, very steep and slippery path through the valley connects the two parts of the mountain.

After a 34-year job in an Alado office building from Ado-Avaye, Oyo State, Oba Ademola Folakanmi, who recently founded Makuledoye II, talks to the Tribune about the city’s tourism. He says:

“All of these places are fun and should have attracted tourists from all over the world if any attention had been drawn to them.

Unfortunately, governments at both state and federal levels have failed to tap the country’s tourism potential.

We started Nigeria with agriculture; now the cocoa and peanuts are gone. We switched to crude oil, and oil will also go. But tourism will last forever; therefore, I urge the government to develop the tourism potential of Ado Away. “

Source: – Pulse

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