8 deputies refuse to join the Umakhi train, which goes to the armored personnel carrier

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8 deputies refuse to join the Umakhi train, which goes to the armored personnel carrier

At least eight of the 24 MPs in the Ebony State Legislature refused to leave camp from the People’s Democratic Party to the All Progressive Congress (APC).

This happened just 48 hours after the news that the governor of the state, David Umahi, had thrown the People’s Democratic Party on an armored personnel carrier.

The Daily Trust has learned that the governor of Umaha has improved his decommissioning plan with some All Progressive Congressional stakeholders in power in Abuja.

Likewise, the Daily Trust found out that the governor of Umahi has held a series of meetings in his hometown of Uburu, Ohazara’s local government district, with some stakeholders.

However, many expressed their willingness to join him on the train to take off the camp.

But his meeting with members of the State House of Assembly ended in dreadlocks.

A meeting aimed at appeasing the 24 members of the House of Assembly to participate in this matter was held yesterday in Uburu, the hometown of the governor of Umaha.

Our correspondent, however, found that 8 out of 24 deputies refused to put their signatures on the lists of deserters.

However, the position of eight legislators put the governor in a state of deluam, while the Speaker of the House of Assembly again called a new meeting aimed at appeasing his colleagues to join the cause.

The meeting took place on Sunday evening at the Speaker’s official resident Francis Nwafuru.

However, the time (19:50) for this report is not over yet.

Correspondents outside of the meeting point noted that some of the participants left in anger.

But the state governor’s plan to dismantle it became a reality, though Umahi made it public at any moment.

Source: – Daily Trust