A 33-year-old doctor died from Lassa fever in Taraba |

Lassa fever killed a young doctor in Taraba state.

It was revealed that Dr. Ame Sunday Eneojo died of kidney complications due to Lassa fever, which he contracted while treating infected patients.

State President of the Resident Doctors Association Gabriel Ahmed, who told reporters on Monday February 22nd, said the death on Sunday occurred during a local doctors’ strike.

“On Sunday, the association lost our dear colleague Dr. Ame Eneojo due to COVID-19 and Lassa fever. He died of kidney complications on February 5, 2021 while in transit after being referred to IRRUA Specialized Hospital in Edo State for further treatment due to a lack of dialysis machine for Lassa fever on the staff, ”Ahmed said.

“This reaffirms the need for an infectious disease center, in particular the Lassa Fever Diagnosis and Treatment Center in Taraba State, where the disease is endemic and has claimed the lives of many health workers and the public.

“We ask a friendly health sector manager to help us set up and activate a molecular laboratory with a PCR machine donated by NEDC at the Taraba State Specialized Hospital for the rapid diagnosis of Lassa fever and donate a special dialysis drug for Lassa fever treatment machine at the state specialized hospital. ”He added.

He also called for the memorialization of the deceased doctor, naming the Lassa Fever Diagnosis and Treatment Center after him.

Meanwhile, on February 9, Dr. Ame was buried in his hometown of Ankpa, Kogi State.

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