A 60-year-old man escapes the crocodile’s jaws by stabbing him with a pocket knife

A 60-year-old man who was ripped from a body of water by a crocodile’s jaws saved himself by stabbing the animal in the head with a pocket knife, wildlife officials in Australia said.

Unidentified Man Went Fishing Nov. 3 on its remote property near the town of Hope Vale in Australia’s far northeastern Cape York Peninsula, Queensland’s Department of Environment and Science (DES) said in a press release.

A bull was at the desired fishing spot, so he made it disappear, wildlife officials said. Then, the 15-foot crocodile struck and took the man underwater

After his miraculous escape, the man drove to the nearest hospital, 15 miles south. However, that wasn’t enough and he was flown to the larger city of Cairns, some 115 miles further south. He remained in hospital on Tuesday, almost a week after the attack in Queensland.

“The odds of doing that are about zero,” Matt Brien of the Queensland Environmental Department told CBS News.

Wildlife experts think the crocodile was about to attack the bull and not the man.

Human ownership is so remote that the Queensland DES won’t even try to remove the crocodile from nature, according to the press release.

Crocodiles are so common in Queensland that the press release advised people to “Expect crocodiles in ALL waterways in Far North Queensland even if there is no warning sign.

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