a complete power outage in Kaduna, while TCN eliminates all 33 kV lines.

a complete power outage in Kaduna, while TCN eliminates all 33 kV lines.

In anticipation of a five-day warning strike organized by the Nigerian Workers’ Congress (NLC), starting at midnight Sunday in Kaduna, the Broadcasting Company of Nigeria (TCN) has closed all 33 kV lines in Kaduna state in accordance with the directive.

The blackout occurred at midnight Saturday after a previous warning from the National Union of Electricity Workers that the NLC had been ordered to go on strike.

The Daily Trust reports that the NLC has begun mobilizing its affiliates to secure a complete economic closure of Kaduna state as part of an effort to force Malam Nasir El Rufai’s government to end its policy of layoffs.

El Rufai said on Saturday that his government would not be blackmailed and insisted it was inappropriate to spend 84% to 96% of his federal budget on salaries and staff costs.

The Kaduna state government has stressed that it has been subjected to a campaign of lies, misrepresentations and false claims that its legality has affected 4,000 workers and that it has stopped paying the minimum wage.

However, in a statement released Sunday by Kaduna Electric management, the company told its customers in Kaduna state that the disruption that began Sunday was the result of a strike by the NLC.

Source: – Daily Trust


Kaduna Electric management regrets to inform its customers in Kaduna State that the service interruption that is currently occurring in the state is the result of a strike against @NERCNG @GovKaduna by the Nigerian Labor Congress (NLC).

TCN has closed all of our 33 kV lines in Kaduna State in accordance with the NLC directive by the transmission company of Nigeria.

Therefore, we urge all communities, security forces and vigilance groups to be vigilant so that criminals do not take advantage of the situation to vandalize power plants.

Any suspicious movement around distribution substations (transformers) should be reported to the competent safety authority.

We have a collective responsibility to protect these critical national assets in our neighborhood.

Once again, we call on both sides of the dispute to work towards a peaceful settlement so that normalization returns.

Abdulaziz Abdullahi
Corporate Communications Manager.

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