A doctor is brutally treated by Nigerian soldiers by ordering him to bathe in a gutter in Delta State.

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A doctor is mistreated by Nigerian soldiers by ordering him to swim in a gutter in Delta State.

A Nigerian doctor reportedly was mistreated by Nigerian soldiers in Delta State.

Soldiers suspected of involvement with the 3rd Battalion of the Nigerian Army, Effurun, Delta State, allegedly brutally beat the doctor on Saturday and ordered him to swim and bathe in a gutter filled with dirty water.

According to SaharaReporters, the soldiers who are said to be observing state government curfews gathered and met with Dr. Raphael Oniemekeia, a medical consultant, in Effurun, Uvvi Local Government District, at around 10:30 am. … and although he showed up and showed his ID, he was allegedly ill-treated and ordered to swim and bathe in a muddy ditch.

It turned out that the inhuman act, which caused public outrage, was committed under the threat of the use of firearms, since the victim was going to work.
Ifeani State Governor Okova rehabilitated key workers, including medical personnel, while simultaneously imposing a 48-hour statewide curfew to curb violence in the city following the rampant destruction of property by thugs. #EndSARS Peaceful Protest Hijacked.

Our reporter learned that all of Onemekeia’s attempts to explain to the soldiers that the medical staff had been exempted from the curfew had not been heard, and the soldiers forced him to swim and bathe in the sewers after being threatened with weapons.

According to a source who witnessed this scenario, Onemekia spent nearly 30 minutes swimming and bathing in the gutter while soldiers watched before being rescued by a senior officer who freed him.

Meanwhile, the Delta State Section of the Nigeria Medical Association has threatened to go on indefinite strike if the Nigerian military fails to identify, locate and prosecute those who took the action in order to act as a deterrent to other soldiers.

State NMA President Emmanuel Nwose, who confirmed the unpleasant incident, strongly condemned the act, saying the association had informed the governor of the state of development.

He said: “Dr. Rafael Oniemequia, a medical consultant, told us that on his way to work he ran into unidentified soldiers at the airport intersection, Effurun, who violated the state government’s curfew imposed by the state governor. At that moment, he appeared and showed them his ID, but they did not listen to him. Then they started beating him, and he was ordered to go down the drain to bathe and bathe.

“While bathing in the sewers, he was abused until a senior army officer arrived, saw that he was being mistreated and saved him. We can no longer put up with such an over-attitude of some of these over-zealous men in uniform. Stop all that nonsense about all these people in uniform. We are doctors and as doctors we are important workers because the services we provide when curfews are imposed relieve us of that. “