A fired soldier leads the kidnappers and kills a five-year-old boy, collecting N5m

A fired soldier leads the kidnappers and kills a five-year-old boy, collecting N5m

Demobilized Nigerian Army soldier Galadim Sani began the kidnapping, leading a gang that kidnapped and killed a five-year-old boy after his family paid a $ 5 million ransom.

Sahara Reporter learned that Corporal Sani was fired by the Nigerian army about five years ago for armed robbery, but the military did not turn him over to the police for prosecution.

A witness reported that a fired soldier kidnapped a five-year-old boy, who was only identified as Muhammad, last week.

Sources said the gang contacted the parents, who agreed to offer a ransom of $ 5 million.

It became known that after the payment of the money, Muhammad was still killed, because he reportedly recognized the fired soldier Sani, who took him away from his kidnappers.

The incident was tweeted by witness Olusegun Ogyunemi, who said the fired soldier and the boy’s family were close and the boy was killed because he recognized Sani.

He said: “The face of evil … Galadim, who kidnapped and killed the son of his neighbors after collecting $ 5 million in ransom. He is no longer in the army and has long been suspended from service, according to the results … Little boy Muhammad was reportedly kidnapped last week by his neighbor. His parents paid N5 million, but he was killed anyway, because he recognized the neighbor who brought him to the kidnappers. Please be very careful. Be careful. There are evil and dangerous people. … “

“He is not a serviceman, he is not a high-ranking officer, but of a different rank. Several years ago he was expelled from his job for armed robbery, ”one commentator replied.

“Correction, he was a corporal. The “rope” is not even classified according to the army standard, but is known as “named”; he is one of those uniformed villains who make Nigerians think army officers are involved in the unsafe situation in Nigeria, ”said another.

“Nigeria is a crime scene. Culture and religions encourage crime. How can a person be released from the army for armed robbery into the civilized world without being sent to prison? “Forgiving criminals for their evil art without consequences creates a society full of criminals,” complained another commentator.

“He was expelled from the army for robbery and did not go to jail. They let him kill this child, ”wrote another Nigerian.

“Point of correction. He was a fired soldier, not a military officer. The incident happened in my community, ”said another commentator, Rilwana Abubakar.

The Army’s PR director, Brigadier General Mohammed Yerima, was not contacted for comments on when the soldier was fired and why he was not turned over to the police for trial.

Calls made to his line on Monday and Tuesday have not been answered, and a message sent to his line has not yet been answered at the time of this report.

Source: – Sahara Reporter.

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