A man screams after creating a fake account to chat with his wife like a stranger

A man took the shock of his life after creating a fake Facebook account to chat with his wife.

The man could not believe what his wife was capable of sending the stranger time and money, and even agreed to sleep with him on their first date.

Read his narrative below;

“My wife met someone on Facebook and they’ve been doing business for almost 4 weeks now. The boy is unemployed, as soon as I go to work, they start chatting, she sends him ether and money. Last week she told me about her aunt who is sick and needed money to send her, it was a lie, she sent R500 to her boyfriend. He told the guy that he was happy with me and was doing it just for fun.

They talked about sex and decided to have it on the first date, the guy told my wife not to have sex with me for at least a week until the day because he wants her to be fresh since he told me last week that it was not good sleep with me. They’ll meet on Thursday and she doesn’t know that I’m the new guy with a fake account!

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