A man was beheaded near Paris. “Moscow trace” and Macron’s unusual activity

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In France, a man was beheaded who regularly insulted the Prophet Muhammad (alayhi salatu wasalam). According to a number of media outlets, this was done by a native of Moscow.

As a result of the attack near Paris, a man was beheaded, the so-called. “Anti-terrorism investigation”, reports Reuters, citing sources.

Local media reports that the murder took place in Conflans-Saint-Honorine. The police said that they found the attacker next to the body, he allegedly behaved aggressively and threatened with a knife, so he had to be shot. The police later added (apparently to justify the murder) that he was allegedly wearing an explosive belt.

However, demining experts did not find explosives on his body. Then the police put forward a version that “a carbine was found next to the attacker.” Not in his hands, but next to him!

In other words, there was no direct threat to the life of the police, but the young man was still shot, although they could have immobilized and arrested, since there are many different special means for this.

But apparently, the arrest of the 18-year-old boy, his interrogation and a public investigation of the incident were not included in the plans of the police.

It is curious that French President Macron hastily arrived at the scene of the murder and met with the teachers of the school where the murdered man worked. He declared the incident an “Islamist terrorist attack.” French Prime Minister Jean Casteks also went there.

According to the French TV channel BFM, the man who committed the attack was an 18-year-old native of Moscow. The BFM claims that the young man is an ethnic Chechen and that he has allegedly already come to the attention of the police due to wrongdoing.

The newspaper Le Monde found out that the murdered man was a college teacher who, in class, showed students abusive cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (alayhi salatu wasalam), previously published by Charlie Hebdo magazine, under the pretext of “freedom of speech lessons,” which angered the schoolchildren’s parents. However, apparently, the college management did not stop such lessons.

In this whole story, attention is drawn to the unusual activity of Macron, who personally arrived at the scene of the incident. Recall that the other day he made a big anti-Islamic speech, which the Muslim community in France considered a declaration of war on Islam.

Literally a couple of days after Macron’s speech, the Frenchwoman Sophie Patronin was released from captivity in Mali, whom the President of France personally met. But already at the plane’s ramp it became known that the 75-year-old woman had returned from captivity as a Muslim, stating that from now on her name was Maryam.

Shocked and bewildered, Macron abandoned his planned press appearance and hastily left the airport.

Macron’s anti-Islamic speech was followed by punitive police actions against Muslims. The founder and head of the officially registered Islamic foundation Baraka City Idriss Sihamedi became the victim of a demonstrative and demonstratively brutal raid.

Police armed to the teeth broke into his apartment at dawn, breaking down the doors. The family was asleep. My wife was not allowed to get dressed. The police insulted the woman in every possible way.

Their 4-year-old son slept in bed with his parents. The police did not allow him to be covered with a blanket, although the room was cold and, moreover, they broke down the door. Three children from 6 to 9 years old, who were sleeping in another room, were awakened at gunpoint and forced to raise their hands.

A real pogrom was staged in the house and in the mosque of the foundation. They threw copies of the Koran on the floor, broke cabinets, smashed video cameras (as bandits usually do so that they are not detected).

Idris Sihamedi was arrested, handcuffed as a particularly dangerous criminal, and rudely dragged to the police station. However, within a few hours he was released without charge.

Obviously, this punitive raid was an act of intimidation (in the political jargon of Western propaganda it is called an act of terrorism), organized by order of Macron, who at the end of his presidency declared war on the 6 million Muslim community of France. In the past few months alone, French authorities have already closed 72 mosques and Islamic schools.

Therefore, the very fact of Macron’s hasty arrival at the scene of the murder in Conflans-Saint-Honorine indicates that what happened, regardless of who and for what reason, beheaded this person, fits into the anti-Islamic political context, purposefully initiated by Macron.

As for the essence of what happened, especially after the famous shooting of Charlie Hebdo employees, a completely natural and logical question arises – why and for what purpose the French authorities stubbornly and persistently provoke Muslims to such actions, encouraging insults against the Prophet (alayhi salatu wsalam) under the pretext of freedom self-expression?

Is all the notorious Western freedom of speech and expression based on the right to revile, insult and humiliate the religious feelings of 1.7 billion Muslims?

Isn’t it wiser and easier to just stop the insults and close the matter? Doesn’t elementary common sense indicate this?

How can freedom of speech and expression suffer from this if they do not suffer at all because of the fact that it is forbidden, for example, not to believe in the myth of the Holocaust, and for seditious publications on this topic they are persecuted and even thrown into prison?

Or are there really specific political goals behind all this !?