A mechanic tells how the police burned down their house and fled with two friends

Emeka Obasi Kama, a Nigerian who works as a car mechanic, told the Abia Police Violence Team about the disappearance of his friends Uchechi Aghwu Kalu and Ndubuisi.

According to him, his friends went missing after meeting with police officers from the Abduction Unit.

Speaking at a meeting of the group led by retired judge Sunday Imo, Emeka said police officers identified as Edet and Yellow, who served at the Azuka police station, Ogbor Hill, Aba, were responsible for the incident on August 11, 2020.

According to Emeka, that day he went to Uchechi’s house, saw two people, Ifunanyu and Ndubuisi, and joined them in the house.

He said that after a while police officers entered the house and started beating them without reason.

“While they were beating us, Uchechi shouted to Edet:“ I didn’t do anything to you, but I healed you from a deadly skin disease; “Atuere”.

“When Uchechi shouted, they took me, Ifunanyu and Ndubuisi out, but Uchechi, Edet and two other officers remained in the room.

Speaking further, Emeka said: “I don’t know what Ndubuisi did, they shot him while we were lying outside.”

Emeka informed the Group that the police took Ndubusi into their minibus and drove off at full speed.

He said the cops came back later and took Uchechi.

“While Uchechi was being taken away, one of the policemen spilled fuel on the house and set it on fire.”

Emeka said that the two men have not seen each other since.