A memorable wedding – a recipe for creation

The world rushes forward inexorably. What was unusual at a wedding a couple of years ago has become the standard. Recently, off-site registration and a cover band were new, and now it is almost impossible to imagine a celebration without them. You can’t keep up with all the fashion trends, but you want to make a special holiday. So what can be done? Together with the agency Make My Wedd, we reveal the recipe for creating a memorable wedding for all time – for you and your guests.

To organize a celebration that will unite everyone around the creation of a new family and will be remembered for many years is a real art. For this, professional organizers have been improving their skills in directing, scenography, fashion, art, design and other related fields for years. You have no more than a year to prepare, and you don’t need such deep knowledge, understanding the main techniques is enough.

Start by bringing guests together

A memorable wedding is one where guests feel like they are part of one big family. Both obvious ways to create this feeling (for example, a single long table instead of several small ones) are suitable, as well as more subtle ones associated with a joint experience of moments of celebration. To do this, shoot a touching video saying a few words about each guest, or write stories about loved ones, telling what unites you.

Set the mood with music

Pay attention to the music accompanying the holiday. Just as movies are associated with a soundtrack, evoking bright moments in memory, so your day will be associated with your favorite songs. A track that is significant to you can sound more than once during the day – right after the ceremony, during the solemn entrance to the hall and before the answer. Tell the DJ the names of the songs you want to hear at the ceremony, at the 1st dance, at the end of the evening and during other important moments.

Decorate with matching decor

The design is intended to reflect your taste and character, and not to subdue all the attention at the holiday. Its purpose is to make the wedding memorable without overshadowing it. Consider in advance how to transform the decor in the evening or divide it into gifts for guests at the end of the holiday.

For example, a presidium or seating plan might consist of cups and plates with a bespoke wedding pattern. This is a wonderful gift! Potted plants or dried flowers can also be used. Often, if the ceremony area is no longer needed, the team transforms it into bouquets that are presented to guests at the end of the wedding. If the registration is in a viewed place, in the evening there you can light bulbs and candles, put soft sofas or initially think over the design so that by expanding the doors, you can change the general color of the location. Such techniques are unexpected and memorable.

Season with emotion and gratitude

Think of a wedding as an opportunity to relive a new experience and start the next stage in life with the people you love. Express your gratitude and be bolder! For example, a wedding is an excuse to say thank you to your parents or remember the best moments with your friends. Make an old dream come true, surprise your loved one using your talents, or arrange a flash mob with friends.

A little effort on your part is well worth it to create a memorable wedding. And if you need help, the Make My Wedd team will gladly implement even the craziest ideas!

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