“A Revolution Will Happen in Nigeria” – Video TB Joshua 2013

“A Revolution Will Happen in Nigeria” – Video TB Joshua 2013

The video, which originally aired seven years ago on July 14, 2013, shows Joshua sharing a revelation with the Congregation of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), which he called “Bring Your Youth Together.”

“I am witnessing a revolution,” the priest began bluntly, adding that “every revolution begins with protests.”

“I see people taking to the streets,” he continued, adding that the authorities had tried unsuccessfully to suppress protests involving police.

“You can stop the protests, but you cannot stop the revolution. When it turns into a revolution, everyone is ready to die, so you cannot stop it, ”he said.

“It could have been interrupted at the beginning. Eventually, it will become so large that it cannot be stopped. I can see how it goes. Nigeria, pray, ”he said in the video.

The priest, however, proposed a solution, urging the Nigerian government to actively engage its youth, recognizing that they are the “leaders of tomorrow.”

“God gave us a way out. The way out: creating jobs for youth and creating a new system of social values, ”he said.

“Regardless of the education of young people, they feel they have no place in politics and no jobs to keep them busy,” he continued, calling for a “new orientation,” especially in the political sphere.

“In politics, young people should be in important positions as assistants in the care of the elderly. If the elders are ministers, then the young should be young ministers, ”he advised. “This way we will teach them to act tomorrow.”

The outstanding clergyman reiterated his “shocking” point of view. “The revolution is the coming weapon of change. This is the vision I saw: a revolution is approaching when people take to the streets because life no longer has value to people, ”he said, adding that“ the looming signs are disastrous. ”

Joshua called on the leadership to “involve their youth” “in politics and administration, especially in your government,” adding that young people in Nigeria “want to see themselves represented in all walks of life.”

“When we bring young people with us, in case of unrest, they will always be ready to talk to their colleagues,” he also noted.

The priest insisted that the revelation was “the voice of God” and “none of this will go unfulfilled.”

“As long as God lives, I, TB Joshua, will only tell you what God says. If I am hated, persecuted, or intimidated because of my accurate prophetic messages, blessed be God who prophesies. The day will announce who is right and who is wrong, says the Lord, ”concluded Joshua.

Since the #EndSARS protests erupted, Joshua has yet to make public comments and his official social media leaders have not mentioned the riots.

The protests, which have drawn huge crowds in every major city in Nigeria, have gone from pushing for the abolition of the notorious SARS police unit to passionate calls for good governance and accountability among Nigerian politicians.

Source: – Daily Post

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