a soldier kills himself and his mistress by “firing a service rifle”

a soldier kills himself and his mistress by “firing a service rifle”

Nigerian Army Corporal Ojo Ayodele reportedly killed himself and an unidentified woman, allegedly his mistress, in an accidental shot from a firearm.

Military sources told The Gazette that a soldier, an agent of Operation Safe Haven, who was sent to Rafin Sanyi’s duty station in Sopp Village, Ryoma Local Government District in Plateau State, was found in a pool of blood along with her lover, who was killed Wednesday afternoon. …

Referring to a military department memo, our sources indicated that the late corporal was suspected of a rifle misfire, which led to a tragic accident.

“Efforts are underway to locate the bodies,” the note says, which notes that the cause of the accident has not yet been established.

The army correspondence reported that they had contacted a police officer from the Ryoma Police Headquarters about this.

An army spokesman did not immediately respond to The Gazette’s request for comment.

It was unclear if the Army corporal had recently returned from a tour of the ongoing war against Boko Haram. Several Nigerian soldiers have recently died of apparent suicide after suffering from deteriorating mental health from a large deployment in the northeast.

Source: – Peoplesgazette

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