A stray bullet allegedly kills a merchant in Enugu as security agents disperse COVID-19 palliative looters

The trafficker was reportedly killed by a bullet in Enugu state as a crowd tried to steal palliatives from COVID-19.

On Saturday, October 23rd, the COVID-19 palliatives looting became a tragedy in Enugu after a stray bullet fired by security personnel hit and killed a young man selling fuel.

It turned out that after news broke that COVID-19 palliatives were being placed at Queen’s High School located on the World Trade Center estate, residents raided there in an attempt to rob food.

School security officials reportedly opened fire to disperse the crowd. A stray bullet hit the young trader.

The local store owner said the deceased was not part of the crowd trying to enter the school.

A graphic video posted by eyewitnesses captures the deceased before his death.

Senator Chijinke Ugwuani confirmed that the WAEC room at Queens College once served as a warehouse for COVID-19 palliatives.

“There are currently no palliatives at Queens Enugu High School,” he added.

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