A stray bullet killed a pregnant woman in Kogi as soldiers allegedly fired indiscriminately in pursuit of the driver

A stray bullet killed a pregnant woman in Kogi as soldiers allegedly fired indiscriminately in pursuit of the driver

Marian Pelemo, a 28-year-old pregnant woman, died.

The woman died after being hit by a stray bullet allegedly fired by men in uniform in Kogi state.

The tragic accident occurred on Wednesday, December 29, at about 9:00 pm, in Magongo, Ogori / Magongo Municipal Council.

A neighborhood mother, Oturo, was wounded by a bullet while sitting in front of her family’s house.

According to the deceased’s older brother, Idowu Pelemo, who spoke to the Nigerian Tribune, soldiers in a convoy of three vehicles, including a Hilus van with registration number Lokoja 446 KG and another painted in military color with registration number 014, were chasing a driver from Ibilo in Edo state in Magongo.

When the driver arrived in Magongo, he jumped out of the car and disappeared. The military started shooting sporadically after the driver fled. His sister, who was standing in front of his house, was wounded by a stray bullet.

She said the uniformed men took her sister to the hospital and fled as she died that night.

“These people in military uniform usually park their vans along the Ageva. From what one of the soldiers told me, he said that they wanted to arrest the driver because the driver and some of his colleagues misbehaved with their officers in Oaken. He said that men in military uniforms, following a lead, ambushed the aforementioned driver who was driving from Ibilo in Edo state. ”
Said Mr Pelemo.

When the Nigerian tribune called the public relations officer (PRO) of the Nigerian Army in Kogi State, Major Jafaru Mohammed said: “The army, please, did not participate in any operations.”

Confirming the incident, a community leader, who simply identified himself as Cape Obaro, said the driver carrying cargo and passengers from the North Center to the southwest jumped out of his car when he spotted an army van. and started to run away when the soldiers started shooting. sporadically and indiscriminately.

“It was one of the lost bullets of the soldiers who killed our sister.” Obaro said.

The woman’s remains were placed in the Toa morgue on the Agba / Ilekpi Road, Lampese-Okpameri in Akoko Edo, LGA, Edo State.

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