Abandoned corpses litter the ondo morgue, and corpses turn into skeletons

Abandoned corpses litter the ondo morgue, and corpses turn into skeletons

According to The PUNCH, hundreds of corpses are piling up in the morgue of Ore General Hospital in Ondo State.

Now there are fears that an epidemic could break out around the hospital.

According to PUNCH Metro, recent visitors to the public hospital have learned that the bodies of men and women are being openly placed in corridors where they are beaten by rain.

Intimidating photos and videos of the surroundings of the morgue received by our correspondent showed that some of the bodies were lying on the paths, and some were covered with iron sheets.

Concrete blocks were used to delineate the positions of some of the corpses.

Inside the room, which looked like an office, the corpses of many people, including women, were laid on the ground.

The two corpses in the room turned into skeletons.

PUNCH Metro noted that the morgue contains two small generators in the shade.

Our source, who came to pick up the remains of a neighbor, complained about the state of the morgue.

He noted that the facility lacks adequate embalming tools, adding that the embalmers said the general hospital was not funded.

“My neighbor died in an accident on the way to Lagos, and his remains were taken to the morgue by the Federal Highway Traffic Safety Service.

“We came here to collect the body and what we saw was incredible. There are simply too many corpses. Those who washed them said there might be about 300 of them, and their families abandoned them for over a year. They are only embalmed on the floor so that they do not smell, ”the source said.

Another visitor said there was an unfinished building where another group of corpses was kept.

He explained that morgue workers said the hospital was planning a mass burial of some of them.

“My relative died and his body was buried here. I was called to see where his body was kept.

“As I walked to the morgue, someone drew my attention to the corpses on the floor and to the fact that I started to step on them. I was shocked.

“Some bodies lie where the sun and rain hit them. Some are covered with clothing and others with iron sheets. The wrap they probably got from the crash site was used to cover up some others. The bodies are not fresh. They rot on the floor where they are kept. This is not the best experience at all, ”he added.

The hospital’s chief medical officer, Dr. Akiniele Semudara, declined to comment, saying he could not speak to our correspondent on the phone.

Ondo State Health Commissioner Ajibayo Adeyaye said hospital workers were shocked by the number of bodies taken to the morgue.

He said: “I was there yesterday (Tuesday) too and I faced the same situation. We know about this. The problem lies in the location of the hospital; it’s close to the highway. Many victims of accidents are discharged to the hospital. You will find a situation where the police will take the corpses, dump them and leave.

“Corpses resulting from accidents are the affairs of the coroner. This means that they cannot be buried without an autopsy or without a court order.

“In the center of the hospital, face to face with people still alive, workers are easily struck by these corpses. However, we called on the police to take care of their affairs so that the bodies could be buried. “

Adeyaye said the mass graves were challenging due to the problem of obtaining land without the resistance of the people who own land in the area.

He noted that the state can create a crematorium to deal with the situation.

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