Aborted Baby Retrieved From A Biohazard Container, Along with His Patient Records

For your own good…

According to the report published by Life Site News,

“The body of an aborted baby, multiple biohazard waste items, and patient records were dumped into a Cleveland-area abortion center trash containers, Ohio-based pro-life group Created Equal disclosed today.

On June 7, pro-lifer and Red Rose Rescuer Matthew Connolly searched the trash containers of the Northeast Ohio Women’s Center (NEOWC) abortion clinic located at 2021 State Road in Cuyahoga Falls. As he carefully looked through each bag, Connolly discovered something most profoundly sad and shocking — the dismembered body of an aborted baby, approximately 16 to 18 weeks gestation, killed by the dilation and evacuation method.

The aborted baby had been hidden and wrapped up in a blood-stained blue surgical pad used during the abortion procedure. Funeral arrangements are already underway.


  1. Why haven’t an option ever been given to the mother or parents of aborted fetuses for proper burial arrangements unless they sign off on a waiver refusing that option?

    Are any of the parents are even aware of or even told they can have the option of a proper burial for the aborted fetus or baby?

    Also are they even told how the fetus or baby will be discarded?
    I ask this because I became pregnant after being raped by a co-worker and I had an abortion at 7 weeks. Also my rapist was present with me at the abortion clinic and I was never asked if I had been raped…I was never asked if the man with me was the father or perpetrator…I was never told I had an option of a proper burial…I was never told how the 7 week fetus would be discarded. This was in 1990 and I was only 19 years old. I had also just started a new job.

    So this is why I am asking these questions. My abortion was paid for out of pocket and all up front. The rapist co-worker paid for only half of the procedure. I had to pay the other half up front. So I am asking for what happened to me long ago and for others whom had to experience the traumatic experience of an abortion due to various circumstances.

    Thank you.

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