After four operations, a woman killed by a police lover is still suffering and hospitalized (photo)

After four operations, a woman killed by a police lover is still suffering and hospitalized (photo)

The woman who was shot by her boyfriend, a police officer, has not yet recovered from four operations.

Recall that Joy Eze in an accident hit her policeman boyfriend Ez Ivanson in the mouth. The woman was found to be still in pain and bedridden despite having undergone four different operations in the intensive care unit of Lagos State University Hospital in Ikea.

Her sister Peculiar Eze, who announced this on Tuesday in a chat with PUNCH Metro, said Joy was in excruciating pain. She explained that the 37-year-old woman was being syringe-fed, adding that whenever she felt the need for a toilet, she used a tube. Demanding justice, Pikularnaya said that when the victim found out that her escaped boyfriend Eze had been arrested by the police, she expressed her happiness through tears.

She said: “I found out about this after I got a call from Joy’s number and someone asked me if I was her sister. I thought she lost her phone and the person found it, but when she asked if I knew Joy had been hit, I was shocked. I asked her where she was and LASUT said, “When I arrived, I saw over 50 people; they were with Joy’s phone and knew her password. Immediately after seeing a bullet hit her mouth, I lost consciousness. “When I stabilized, people opened her phone and showed me a photo of the person she was touching to shoot her.

Joy couldn’t speak, but she pointed her hand at the same image, and that person was her boyfriend. “Immediately after the incident was posted on Instagram, Mr. Onaja called from Abuja and said that since he saw the message, he did not receive it himself.

He offered help to turn to the Nigerians for help. “She requested Joy’s bank account, and from that moment people started sending us money, and that’s how we were able to pay her bills. He performed four operations, and we spent over 8 million euros on his treatment at LASUTH. We still need more help because the hospital told us that until she gets back on her feet, they will know what surgery to do. ”

Pecular, who said his sister was a victim of police brutality, called on Police Inspector General Mohammed Adama and State Police Commissioner Hakim Odumos to financially support Joy’s treatment.

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