Aisha Yesufu: We Rejected Governor’s Measures, Emefiel, To Stop EndSARS Protests

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Aisha Yesufu: We Rejected Governor’s Measures, Emefiel, To Stop EndSARS Protests

An attempt by state governors and Nigeria’s central bank governor Godwin Emefile to stop the #EndSARS protests on Monday hit a brick wall as protesters pushed for a continuation.

Activist Aisha Yesufu said this in a series of tweets in response to reports that she and other protesters met with representatives of the business community.

Admitting that he had a Zoom meeting with business leaders, Yesufu said he would tell them that they should speak with the president.

Yesufu said she was involved in the meeting, adding that she would not be present at all if she knew the agenda.

The activist added: “My brother called me and said I was attending a meeting on #EndSARS? I simply said yes, intending to come to the meeting with protesters from different states to show me others. Indeed?

“I am so angry that they even dared to invite me to this stupid discussion. How can you as business leaders always think of yourself? Do you want the protests to end? So do the right thing, like real business leaders in other countries. Tell the president frankly that he disappointed the young protesters on the street.

“I told them that the problems are the president and the police, not young Nigerians who are fed up with selfish leaders. The protesters are not responsible; the police and the government are to blame. “

Yesufu said the strategy adopted by the protesters, such as the absence of a leader, maintains the integrity of the movement.

The activist said God forbids her from meeting with President Major General Muhammad Bukhari (retired) to discuss the #EndSARS protests.

The activist said: “I said why they are talking to us. They need to talk to the president. The police and the government have the negative elements, not the protesters. God forbid to meet with the president. For what?”

Yesufu, who is a member of the group Bring Back Our Girls, also denied reports that Red Media CEO Adebola Williams agreed to compromise the protests.

He added: “Together with everyone, we insisted on continuing the protest action. Even when Emefiele said he was organizing a meeting with the president, Adebola Williams told him that the president had lost the confidence of young people. ”

Since last Thursday, young people in various parts of the country have been protesting police brutality.

They called for the demolition of a special Nigerian police robbery squad accused of extrajudicial executions.

However, despite the demolition of the building, protests continued.

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