Al-Habibiya, BUK Parley on Using Religion to Fight Corruption

Al-Habibiya, BUK Parley on Using Religion to Fight Corruption

Al-Habibiya Islamic Society and House of Mambaya, Aminu Kano Center for Democratic Research, University of Bayero, Kano (BUK) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on anti-corruption programs.

Research center director prof. Ismaila Mohammed said at an event in Abuja on Wednesday that the partnership was aimed at collectively raising awareness of corruption in the country.

Mohammed, who condemned the wave of corruption in the country, stressed the need for all stakeholders to join the federal government in fighting corruption and strengthening good governance at all levels of government and society.

“The overall goal of the partnership with Al-Habibiyyah is to collectively carry out anti-corruption efforts to improve good governance in Nigeria.

“This partnership will enable us to function within any agreed anti-corruption project / program, with a focus on the area of ​​expertise of each partner,” said Mohammed.

Mambayya House, as a research and training arm of the BUK, is already working on a coherent framework to fight corruption in Nigeria, he said.

He said corruption and mismanagement are a curse for Nigeria’s development that urgently needs to be reversed.

Earlier, Al-Habibiyyah chief executive Shiek Fuad Adeyemi said that the company, as part of its anti-corruption project EAT-FIn (Promoting Accountability and Transparency through Religious Intervention), has conducted a series of campaigns to change the perception of corruption.

He said the partnership with Mambayya House will further expand its communications campaigns across the country.

Adeyemi said Al-Habibiyyah is also partnering with anti-corruption agencies like the EFCC and ICPC and other faith-based organizations to get the message across to the ground.

“Being a religious leader is a big challenge because you represent God, and the moment you do it, you have declared war on God.

“Any religious leader who is not aware of his duties and responsibilities will lose in this world and will be punished on the Day of Judgment,” he said.

The imam asked everyone to be on the bridge to fight corruption and insecurity in the country.

He also stressed the need for political and religious leaders to remain righteous, avoid corruption and provide for the masses.

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