All About Coffee Wedding

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All About Coffee Wedding

A cup of strong black coffee, your favorite aroma, five minutes alone with yourself … Can’t you live without it too? Do you like coffee so much that even at a wedding you want to focus on it? Not a word more! We have figured out for you how to modernize this drink at a party or even arrange a real coffee wedding.

Secrets of design

Thinking of flowers, a coffee-colored wedding suggests itself. What if you don’t like them? In this case, muted smoky shades will do. Another option is deep dark tones of browns, blacks, and grays combined with metals.

When designing a coffee wedding, think about which direction is closer to you: a warm family event when you want to sit by the fireplace and cover yourself with a blanket? Or a dynamic celebration with cool music and charming baristas? If in doubt, we will tell you that the first option is suitable for a chamber wedding , and the second is good if there are a lot of people.

In the first case, the decor creates an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. A room with wooden walls and tables, a fireplace, upholstered furniture and vintage details that you can bring yourself, walking around the flea markets, is suitable. Choose the light soft and warm, in no case bright. The main thing in creating the atmosphere is the alluring smell of your favorite coffee.

If you decide to do a youth coffee wedding, be inspired by the best coffee shops. The main materials are steel and wood, the colors are black, gray and brown. Tall wooden tables, metal chairs and mugs suspended from the ceiling. Behind the bar is a barista pouring coffee, and behind its wall is a slate board or a whole wall with chalk inscriptions.

What if you want a piece of your favorite drink in the design, but there is no way to arrange the zones described above? Details will help:

  • Jute sacks or cans of coffee beans lined up here and there.
  • The same bags, laid instead of tablecloths.
  • Batteries of syrup bottles. Even if not used by everyone, these bottles look authentic.
  • Cute coffee mugs.
  • Coffee beans scattered in strategic locations.
  • Using the names of coffee blends or countries instead of table numbers: it will be more pleasant for guests to sit not at the first table, but in the area of Colombia or Brazil.
  • Fragrance !!!

Clothes for young people and guests at a coffee wedding

Many sites encourage grooms to wear dark brown suits, and brides to wear a dark brown suit to match the spirit of the wedding. We believe that no one needs it, any idea is good as long as it does not go to extremes. Wear what you want, and if you want to reflect the theme in your clothes, choose muted colors. Invite your guests to come in such colors.

Coffee, coffee and more coffee

The main character of such a wedding after the bride and groom is coffee, of course! Everything must be perfect here.

Varieties. Choose a few: softer and brighter, with fruity and chocolate notes. You can ask to create a separate blend for you, which will be brewed only at your event (also give your guests bags with it).

In addition to regular coffee, serve decaf and tea: black, green, and matcha. Water, soft drinks and other soft drinks should also be on the tables. In summer, consider iced coffee or cold brew.

How to submit. The most effective way is a professional barista who will brew different types of drink and do it well. There is nothing sadder than drinking bad coffee at a coffee wedding.

The economy version is a rented coffee machine, but it will not help you create the atmosphere. Place a waiter next to her or arrange a corner where everyone can pour their own espresso or Americano.

Try making paper cups with your initials or even custom-made ceramic coffee cups.

Menu. If the standard meal plan changes, talk to your chef to find out how they can help you get your idea started. If there is no such option, arrange a varied sweet table with mouth-watering coffee cakes.

Important little things

Coffee wedding invitations should convey the atmosphere that awaits the guest at the celebration. Try handing each a jute bag of coffee, your names, and your wedding date. Or hand out invitations on designer paper with coffee cup marks.

At such a wedding, gifts for guests are appropriate. We offer suitable options:

  • packaging or jar with good coffee
  • Turk
  • book about coffee and coffee culture
  • solid mug or thermos
  • bottle cold brew.