All the missing students of Katsina will return home in a few hours, says Defense Minister Bashir Magashi.

Major General Bashir Magashi (ret.), Minister of Defense, announced that students from the State Science High School in Kankar, a local government district in Katsina state, who have been abducted by gunmen, will return home to their families in the next hours.

Magashi insured himself when he led a federal government delegation, including service leaders in Katsina, to express sympathy for the victims’ parents and teachers, as well as the state government, over the Sunday 13 December kidnapping.

“We are also gathered here today to sympathize with you about the recent kidnapping of high school students, which is a more or less ruthless measure aimed at interfering with student education.

Given the information we received from sister state security agencies, this task will be very easy to accomplish.

In the next few hours, we will make sure that these people return without any collateral damage to the population of Katsina State. We have developed a strategy. “He said

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