Although we have lost around £ 50 million, we intend to make Enyimba Mall Reality – MD

Although we have lost around £ 50 million, we intend to make Enyimba Mall Reality – MD

Entrepreneurs continue to witness numerous losses incurred during the #EndSARS protest, as some of them suffered from the destruction of their property and the looting of goods.

One is the gorgeous Enyimba Mall Outlet, a building located on Ngwa Street near East Aba that was partially destroyed by thugs who infiltrated the #EndSARS protesters to wreak havoc among the citizens.

The building materials available on the site were also removed.

According to the developers of the facility, about 40-50 meters of Naira were lost during the action.

Speaking to ABN TV in Aba, Mr. Chiedozi Njoku, Managing Director of Checkbest International Ltd, the owner of the facility, said that despite the apparent setback, his organization is keen to complete the project so it is ready to go. use by entrepreneurs in Aba and the surrounding area.

After reassuring clients that the investment would soon be expended, Mr. Njoku dismissed accusations that it was a government project.

Highlighting that the December target set for project completion would be missed, Mr Njoku said early March would be the new project completion date, citing the #EndSARS protest as the reason for the delay.

“The project you see here is about 70% complete. Most, if not all of the required material is already in place. There are just some things that cannot be tracked with FastTrack. Some things take time to mix or add others.

“If I say that we can complete this project based on the materials we have in the field, this project can be completed in 24 hours,” he said.

Making the property accessible to serious business people, he said three power supply options were introduced to serve his clients, including a national grid, solar panel and generator.

Source: – Abn tv

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