Amotekun arrested 120 suspects during a “mop-up” in Ondo

Amotekun arrested 120 suspects during a “mop-up” in Ondo

The Ondo State Security Network Agency, also known as the Amotekun Corps, said it arrested more than 120 suspects during its “Sweep Operation”.

He said that Operation Cleanup was launched in response to armed robberies in Akura and other parts of the state.

Commander Odo Amotekun, chief of Adetunji Adeleye, who was interviewed by reporters, said the suspects were transferred to the appropriate authorities for further investigation and prosecution.

Chief Adelie said the state’s crime rate has dropped 80 percent since Operation Clean Up began.

According to him, “Since we started the cleansing operation about a month ago, we have arrested about 120 criminals, and sanity is returning to the state.

“Some of the criminals were sent to the police, some to the NSCDC, and others to the Department of Public Services for a more thorough investigation and prosecution.

“We initially began to work with other security forces until the #EndSARS protests broke out when criminal activity broke out in the state and Amotekun launched a sweep operation.

“We have recorded more than 15 cases of robbery of Akure in one month, which has never happened before. We asked the state government to ban motorcycles at night, and the government joined in.

“In the cleanup operation, we have a whole squad of policemen who go on patrol with us, because we know the inside, they are just watching us. When we get to a place where we need superior weapons, they help us.

“In Ondo State, we have no problem with competition or working for transversal goals. There is no conflict of interest because most of our operations are coordinated with them and other security personnel.

“There were cases like kidnappings when we blew up when we got our coordinates from DSS. They provide us with this vital information, we put it on the table, analyze and implement. So far it has been successful.

He said that 560 farmers reported cases against shepherds, and arrangements were made for farmers and shepherds to agree on certain conditions.

“We make sure that shepherds take an oath never to return to a farmer’s farm. If we find they have weapons, this is a separate case that will be referred to the Civil Defense Service or the police, ”he said.

Source: – The Nation

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