Amotekun arrested suspected kidnapper disguised as a madman in Ondo

The alleged kidnapper is said to have faked insane when he was arrested.

Agents from the Ondo State Security Agency network, codenamed Amotekun Corps, arrested a suspected kidnapper identified as Labram Ibrahim.

The 30-year-old man is said to have feigned insanity when he was arrested.

Ibrahim was arrested in the Akure garage area of ​​the city of Ondo, home to the Ondo West local government area of ​​the state, following the suspicious way he dressed and walked.

According to sources, the Amotekun agents in the area, who were monitoring him, rushed on him when he was about to be picked up by some people in a black jeep who rushed to take him away.

One of the sources, who claimed to be a street vendor in the park, said: “Before his arrest, he was spotted walking aimlessly like a madman, back and forth from Akure’s garage to the Itanla intersection before the black jeep stopped beside him to transport him.“His action raised suspicions that led to the gathering of people in the area and beating him.”

Meanwhile, the suspect confessed that he is not a madman, but that he works for a man named Rabiu Adamu in Akure, the state capital.

Ibrahim, who claimed to be from Sokoto, related that Rabiu, his brother-in-law, took him to Akure Park and put him in a car bound for the city of Ondo.

“The man paid N700 to the driver and then gave me N1500 to get into a car that goes to Ore and Ore to Epe where I will go to work. He didn’t tell me what kind of work he wants me to do. ” “Rabiu was arriving in his black jeep with three other men inside. He told me to remove my sim card and put it in the roundabout of Akure’s garage and go to Ore before I was arrested in Itanla because of the way I dressed,“He said.

The Amotekun Corps in the city of Ondo revealed that they had taken action to arrest the owner of the black jeep and the three men in Akure for further investigation.

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