Amotekun killed 7 kidnappers or innocent Fulani shepherds in Oyo?

Amotekun killed 7 kidnappers or innocent Fulani shepherds in Oyo?

The Oyo or Amotekun state security network reportedly killed seven shepherds in Tapa in the state’s central Ibarapa metropolitan area.

Yoruba leaders claimed the murdered pastors were kidnappers, while Fulani leaders claimed they were innocent pastors.

The traditional Yoruba leader in the area claimed that the shepherds were the kidnappers. “Those who are telling you this story are not here. I am telling you the facts about this. The government must act now. We have reported this case to the government several times. All gas stations here no longer work because of the atrocities of the shepherds, ”said the traditional ruler, who asked not to be named.

He explained the murder as follows: “The first person who was persecuted in this village went to buy food in Ider when he was about to enter the Tapa bush. He was shot and fled to the village. When his men saw that Amotekun surrounded the village, they shot and wounded Amotekun, and Amotekun repulsed the attack. That’s what led to the crisis. “

However, a resident of the village of Umaru Abdulkadir responded to the traditional explanation.

“Early on Saturday morning, several men from Amotekun stormed a village belonging to the Bororo people. When the Bororo saw danger, they ran towards the village of Fulani, about a kilometer from this village. Upon arriving there, Amotekun shot Fulani’s man in the leg, and his men began to rush him to the hospital, ”Abdulkadir Sahara Reporters said.

“When the Amotekuns saw them in the hospital, they attacked them on a bike and killed them on a bike. Amotekun returned and attacked the Fulani village. As we speak, they killed seven people, and many entered the villages with bullets, ”he said.

Continuing to talk about the incident, Sarkin Fulani of Oyo Alhaji Salihu State Abdulkadir condemned the killing of the shepherds, accusing Amotekun’s agents of extrajudicial executions.

He said that Amotekun members stormed the Fulani settlement, where they opened fire on innocent shepherds, claiming that the man killed along with his two sons was Sarki’s deputy in the state.

Abdulkadir rejected reports that the murdered pastors were kidnappers, Amotekun said, saying they were unharmed pastors who had lived in the community for over 45 years.

He said the deceased had given him a distress call early in the morning to contact police on his behalf in Oyo State, stating that they soon received a call that he had been killed.

The Fulani leader called for a thorough investigation into the murder to bring those responsible to justice.

The state’s public relations officer, CSP Olugbenga Fadeyi, confirmed the incident on Saturday in a text message sent to our correspondent in Ibadan, but said three people were killed and others injured.

“When DPO Ayet learned about the incident, they quickly found out the reason for the attack. According to him, three people were killed and two were injured. Since then, an investigation has been launched and further events will take place in the near future, ”a police spokesman said.

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