Amotekun officials reportedly attacked by shepherds in Ondo

Amotekun officials reportedly attacked by shepherds in Ondo

Shepherds reportedly attacked Ondo State Security Agency officials, Amotekun, while destroying agricultural land in the Axi community in the Akure local government area in the northern state.

Informing reporters, State Commander Amotekun Adetunji Adeleye said officials had received a distress signal from farmers that cows belonging to shepherds had destroyed their crops.

“Some farmers from the Axis community came running to the office complaining that their farms had been destroyed by herds. We sent our people there to assess the situation. It turned out that there were indeed herds on the farm, and we invited the shepherds. But, unfortunately, upon arrival there they attacked our people with knives and other dangerous weapons. But we managed to arrest one of them, named Abdulkadir Mohammed. “Adele said

He also said that two alleged cattle thieves were arrested by his men, while a NISSAN Serena labeled LAGOS FJ 423 KRD brought by the alleged thieves to steal cows belonging to a certain Alhaji Ilyas was detained.

“Alhaji Ilyasu, a Fulani man, came to us, some people came on the Serena bus to steal their cattle. They came to us and we sent our people. We managed to get back the car they wanted to use to steal the cows, we also got the cows back.

We managed to track down some of the thieves who fled somewhere in Ogun State. We arrested Sudaun Gombe and Ogunjale Sol, who was the driver of the abandoned Serena. We turned them over to the Nigeria Security and Civil Protection Corps Agro Agency for a detailed investigation.

We found two cows, which they returned to the Fulani owner, and brought the car to our office because the thieves escaped and abandoned the car. But we were able to arrest the people involved in the case, and they confessed that they worked in this industry for some time, ”he said.

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